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March 22, 2013

Eos Greek Restaurant, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding-ISH”

by jem614

Stamford, CT officially has some of the best restaurants in the Northeast.  I thought NYC was unbeatable but Stamford really tries to push the envelope on elegant and delicious.

Eos Outside

A big snowstorm hit on Monday night in Connecticut and it was freezing cold.  The restaurant we had originally planned on going to “Dragonfly” was closed so we decided to try EOS as it looked warm and cozy.  The inside reminds me of a Miami restaurant with it’s puffy white benches lining the wall.  The staff is mostly Greek and very friendly.

I ordered the sesame crusted Feta (Saganaki) with honey drizzled on top as well as the hummus appetizer.  Delicious!  The hummus was the perfect blend of flavorful and simple.  I must have eaten two entire pitas trying to stuff that down.  I couldn’t stop eating the Feta, it had to be one of the best appetizers I’ve ever eaten (except for that delicious Brie that Ashley and I had in the Grove).

Once again, I had a salad for dinner but this one had so much on it, it felt like an entree.  The Kypro Salata’s grilled veggies were perfectly seasoned.  Our dinner was topped off with a HUGE piece of Baklava which we split because we were stuffed.

I definitely recommend trying this little piece of the Greek Isles, you will not regret it! (Oh! and they deliver).

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To find out more about EOS, go to

March 22, 2013

Napa comes to Stamford, Ct

by jem614

Napa PrettyI recently traveled to Stamford for a business conference and was able to try out a couple of new restaurants in the area.  My colleague and I found this beautiful little restaurant, Napa, within the Marriott hotel on Broad Street.  The inside is dimly lit with candles and an entire wall is covered in wines.  The waiters sport jeans though the restaurant feels more elegant.  It brings a “relatable” aspect to the place so it doesn’t feel stuffy.

As you sit down, you are given your menus and an IPad that has their wine menu on it as well as some more information on the restaurant.

We ordered an appetizer of Spaghetti Squash (yes, it’s really an appetizer and it tastes delicious with a hint of basil) as well as a cheese plate that you can choose the type of cheeses.  For $18 you can choose three little squares of cheeses that is served with some jams and bread.  We tried (from their menu):

3. MIDNIGHT MOON, Goat, Holland, (Pinot Noir) Aged goat cheese, the flavor is nutty and
brown-buttery, with prominent caramel notes.
4. MIMOLETTE, Cow, France, (Tempranillo)Firm and oily, vivid orange, nutty with smooth fudgy finish
6. GORGONZOLA (not on their online menu)

I was not a fan of the Gorgonzola as a cheese for bread, I feel it’s better suited for salads but the Midnight Moon and Mimolette was tasty on the bread.

They do have some vegetarian pasta but their actual entrees are completely carnivore.  Thankfully, their appetizers and salads make up for what they lack in entrees.

For more information on your trip to Napa, go to

March 11, 2013

Veggie Xpress Food Truck!

by jem614

food 2

My husband and I made a trip to the Pembroke Pines Art Festival this weekend.  It was very small so it was a quick trip but nice to walk around with the baby for a little bit.

food 1

They had a few food trucks there so we decided to get a bite to eat.  The hubby had an ice cream from a cute little ice cream truck that was run by a really nice older gentleman.   I felt like I had won the lottery because I saw a truck that had “Veggie Xpress” written on it (there are very few vegetarian/vegan food trucks here in South Florida though many regular trucks do have great veggie options).  I thought the prices were a bit high as the “veggie burger” was $10.  I ordered it anyway thinking maybe it came with fries, nope.  It was a homemade bean patty on pita with a light dressing, spinach and tomato.  I have to say it was really tasty and my husband even liked it!

However, a bean patty on a pita is not worth $10 and as almost everything on this truck is about the same price, I probably won’t be going back.  If you’re a Vegan, on the other hand, this truck is going to be a good option for you since there are so many vegetarian options on other trucks but very few vegan foods.

For more information, or to follow them, go to

March 5, 2013

The Mommy Files- Mashed Sweet Potatoes as a First Meal

by jem614

Our little chunker is growing up and it’s time to start introducing solids.  We were going to wait until the baby turned 6 months (in three and a half weeks) before we started him but he’s been eating like a horse and we have decided it’s time.  Our daycare ladies are also pushing us to start soon as they see he’s asking for more and more to eat.  I have been putting them off for a couple weeks but since he’s constantly watching what we eat at home and trying to put it in his mouth, we’re going to try.

SPLast night I baked an organic sweet potato and mashed it up in our little Bébé blender.  It was bittersweet knowing that his days of “true” infancy are behind him and he’s becoming a big boy eating big people’s food.  I’m also secretly excited to watch how he reacts to every new taste he takes.  And… Bonus!  A baked sweet potato when blended was probably enough for an entire week of meals.

His reaction to sweet potatoes was mixed and I wish at these times his dad and I had decided it was ok to put his pictures online because the faces were hilarious- he kept wanting to put more in his mouth but looked like he was disgusted with it.  He only got a tiny little taste last night so tonight will be the real test!

If you’re a mom or dad, what were the first foods that you gave your child?  Did you feel pressured to feed them certain foods or start at a certain time?  Did you go organic?  If your family is a mixture of vegetarian/omnivore, will you introduce meats?


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