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July 18, 2013

Dehydrating fruits!

by jem614

I just got my new dehydrator and am so excited to be drying my own fruits and veggies. My first batch turned out pretty good – strawberries, bananas and blueberries. I’m going to try veggie crisps next!  I got this cute dehydrator with my rewards points so it was doubly amazing!   I had read some reviews that weren’t too flattering but I haven’t experienced anything negative yet so I’m loving my free dehydrator.

Here is a link to a few good ones that I’ve heard about: or

Or if you want something simple that just gets the job done without too much out of pocket, here is a link to mine:

I think the biggest negative can be the time (mine recommends 24 hours- eek for most things).  The Ronco also does not have any settings, it’s just “plugged in and go” or nothing.  Depends on the level of dehydrating you’re planning on doing.  My strawberries were sliced thin and pretty much done after about 15 hours.  Plug it in overnight and most things will be done by the next morning as far as I can see.  Thicker pieces will obviously take longer.  My little raspberries and blueberries were not cut up so they took the full 24 hours.  I’m sure if you blended them and did fruit roll ups or something, it would be faster.

Cannot wait to do more!


July 2, 2013

Cake Ball Cake! A work in progress- I still have three months ;)

by jem614

This is just a quick post- I’m working on perfecting my son’s first birthday cake! Let’s just say it’s a work in progress (I never said I was an amazing baker).

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