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March 20, 2015

Graze Individual Snacks – Control Your “Grazing”

by jem614

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Just wanted to tell you about a new food we found online!! We love new foods, it’s so much fun to get things in the mail. 🙂 Graze provides a free trial to their little snack boxes and we just got two in the mail!! Woot Woot.
They have several different boxes to choose from but the 8 single servings shown here would be about $11.99/order.  Not bad considering you get to pick and choose what types of snacks you get.  They are also all perfectly portioned to be around 100-150 calories- yeah healthy eating!

Thanks Graze for the fun treat in the mail!  PS. it looks like the pricing is including shipping on all boxes. for more info.

March 7, 2014

To Celebrate Dr. Seuss Week… A TrueBar for The “You That Is Truer Than True”

by jem614

I love granola bars and especially ones with chocolate chips in them.  This Truebar, by Bakery on Main, has a more “homemade” taste and really hits the spot.  I loved that it has only whole ingredients and is Gluten Free to boot.  Plus it comes in a really cute pink wrapper.   Check them out at or find them in your local natural grocer.


May 22, 2013

Organic Rice Cakes for Babies- Happy Munchies

by jem614

My son is still trying to figure out eating so I’m giving him larger food items to teach him.  I haven’t figured out the whole “baby-led weaning” myself so it’s a work in progress.   These rice cakes are a good step in the right direction though!

I just ordered from Citrus Lane (link here:, a service that sends out goodies once a month for your baby or child.  This month’s box came with some stacking bowls, a baby book teaching about clocks and time, some dish soap for babies, a very nice lavender tube for mom (love that they include mom in these boxes) and this wonderful little bag of rice cakes.

I’m not big on rice cakes because I think they taste like cardboard but these nifty little snacks are only 140 calories and are made of brown rice and fruit!  The blueberry and beat make them very tasty.  In fact, the hubs and I ate the whole bag once we figured out that our 8 month old needs some time to get used to eating them.  I think in a month, he might figure it out but right now he cries and gags even though he likes the flavor.

I will definitely be going out and purchasing some more of Happy Munchies food items, in fact I already have their oatmeal and puffs at home so I know their products are good.  I might just buy a few more bags for myself in the process.

July 18, 2011

Samai “Breath of the Rainforest” – Exotic Brand with Wholesome Values

by ashley

by Ashley Morgan

I spend a lot of time in Publix’s produce section: wandering the aisles, checking different labels to see where something was grown and looking for inspiration for my next culinary endeavor. While I’m doing all of this, my fiancé is normally either in a different part of the store or standing there playing with his iPhone, bored. But this time he found a treasure for me, something that he originally planned on eating himself until I snatched it away from him once we came home. Samai, a brand that I’d never heard of before this weekend, is now one of my favorite snack brands. Their name enough captivates me, meaning “Breath of the Rainforest” in Quechua (a native language of Ecuador). But it was their values that really caught my attention. They procure all of their produce from independent farms, dedicated to maintaining the rainforest and therefore never cultivating from protected areas. I’ve never been to Ecuador, but I have been around other areas of Latin America and I know that a brand like this, which cultivates solely from small farmers, is a god-send. They also return their produce waste, i.e. plantain peels, to the farmers to use as fertilizer. That is truly thinking full circle.

The great part is that not only do they have an awesome business model, but their product really tastes great. There are many eco-friendly, locally procured and otherwise “greener” companies out there that fail to actually produce a product people want to eat. But Samai’s plantain chips are absolutely delicious. Even my totally omnivore, un-eco-conscientious fiancé picked them up off the shelf, just because he thought they looked tasty! I was nice and I shared the goodies with him. We both thought they were crunchy and had great flavor. He devoured the garlic ones, while I preferred the pacific sea-salt.

I’ve noticed on their website that they also carry other varieties and flavors, including banana and yucca chips. Their products are also 100% vegan and kosher. I applaud Samai for creating such a conscientious company without sacrificing flavor. They are truly one of a kind and I look forward to trying their other varieties.

Visit their site at

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