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November 17, 2011

Yardhouse and Gardein Make a Splash in South Florida!

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

Yard House in Hallandale and Merrick Park in South Florida have a variety of delicious dishes to choose from.  One surprise on the menu?  Gardein burgers, pasta, sandwiches, and more.

Finally, a restaurant that doesn’t just offer salad and pasta for it’s vegetarian patrons!  They also carry a great selection for our flexitarian friends as well.

I have been there twice now and I can say the following:

The Gardein Chicken Sandwich is delicious topped with cheese and avocado with a side of sweet potato fries (hint: try the truffle sauce with your regular fries).

The Gardein mini sliders were absolutely phenomenal.  I liked them better than the sandwich because they are more “beefy” (I mean that in a texture sense more than a taste sense).   I would compare it to almost the taste of a rib sandwich or some really fantastic mushrooms without being overwhelming.  Absolutely tasty.

Whatever you do, make sure you stop by either of these two stores for a fantastic meal that everyone can enjoy!

Orange Peel Chicken Photo Courtesy of Yard House

Disclaimer: This is the regular Orange Peel Chicken- Yardhouse provided the photo but they have assured me that the Gardein version looks exactly the same.  Apologies if we offend anyone but we wanted to make sure we were honest with our readers!

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