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January 27, 2014

Pei Wei’s Thai Lime and Chile, Tons of Veggies (if you catch them on the right day)

by jem614


This beautiful concoction is Pei Wei’s new Lime and Chile with Tofu option- see all that amazing green?  It’s lightly sauced, fresh and full of nutrients.   This is two weeks ago’s portion.

Below is last week’s portion:


What happened Pei Wei?  Seriously?  How could it differ so greatly?  Not only that but their website has been funky for two weeks now.  I’m still a fan but these little kinks definitely need to be worked on.  Pei Wei responded to our requests for change and we hope that they get implemented soon!

January 27, 2014

Holy Cow it’s Been a Long Time!

by jem614

We’ve been doing reviews in our hearts, we promise!  I have about a hundred posts I could write but we’ll start one by one.  Stay tuned!

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