Where to Eat in Copenhagen? Govinda, Of Course!

by jem614

When the usual dish in Denmark (for lunch) is usually cold meat sandwiches, what does a vegetarian eat?  Indian of course!

Mama Veg travels far and wide to bring you vegetarian options from all over the world.  This month, she traveled to Copenhagen with a friend and visited an Indian restaurant where you can almost always find vegetarian options.

What a quaint little restaurant!


The regular menu is mostly vegetarian but they do have some vegan options.  Their curry is delicious and has some pretty great reviews.  If you’re in Copenhagen, please check them out!

For more information (use google translate if you need to as their website is in Danish) go to Govinda Vegetarian Takeout .


2 Comments to “Where to Eat in Copenhagen? Govinda, Of Course!”

  1. Small world – I live in South Florida and also went to Copenhagen a few weeks ago. Unfortunately did not know about this place to try but did eat at a different Indian restaurant near our hotel. In general, wasn’t impressed with the vegetarian options in the city.


    • Glenn- it is a small world! Usually Indian is the way to go if you just can’t find anything. Staying in Fisherman’s Wharf in San Fran a few years ago (where everything was seafood), Indian was the only place I found nearby as well. Hope it was good Indian at least! 🙂


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