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March 26, 2014

Barcelona Wine Bar, A Tapas Lover’s Dream

by jem614

IMG_2878[1]In trying to be inconspicuous at a work dinner (my regular work dinner), the pictures for this great restaurant were less than satisfactory.  It doesn’t truly convey the great tapas options we had.  Everyone else at my table was a guy and a meat-eater but the waitress kindly asked everyone if there were any allergies or diet restrictions before we started our “$55/each” meal.  The rest of the night, I was offered only vegetarian options and there were quite a few.  I even ate Quail eggs for the first time (they made me want to be vegan- I don’t like the soft texture of the eggs).

The first round was a bread with goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes on top of a glass of sherry, next came the olives tray (super spicy), followed by curry chickpeas, the quail egg and one or two more.  I don’t think it was worth $55 each but it was such a great dining experience or maybe it was the company but I really enjoyed myself.  It could have been the exceptional wait staff as well.  The place was packed when we sat down to eat at around 8:30 as well as the bar being full.   When we left around 11 pm, there was very few people except at the bar.  It is that warm atmosphere that you want in a restaurant/bar that keeps you coming back despite your rapidly depleting funds.

Barcelona is a great place to take a date for a romantic night out or even meet friends or coworkers at the bar.  Definitely a must-go if you’re in Stamford, CT!

March 22, 2013

Eos Greek Restaurant, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding-ISH”

by jem614

Stamford, CT officially has some of the best restaurants in the Northeast.  I thought NYC was unbeatable but Stamford really tries to push the envelope on elegant and delicious.

Eos Outside

A big snowstorm hit on Monday night in Connecticut and it was freezing cold.  The restaurant we had originally planned on going to “Dragonfly” was closed so we decided to try EOS as it looked warm and cozy.  The inside reminds me of a Miami restaurant with it’s puffy white benches lining the wall.  The staff is mostly Greek and very friendly.

I ordered the sesame crusted Feta (Saganaki) with honey drizzled on top as well as the hummus appetizer.  Delicious!  The hummus was the perfect blend of flavorful and simple.  I must have eaten two entire pitas trying to stuff that down.  I couldn’t stop eating the Feta, it had to be one of the best appetizers I’ve ever eaten (except for that delicious Brie that Ashley and I had in the Grove).

Once again, I had a salad for dinner but this one had so much on it, it felt like an entree.  The Kypro Salata’s grilled veggies were perfectly seasoned.  Our dinner was topped off with a HUGE piece of Baklava which we split because we were stuffed.

I definitely recommend trying this little piece of the Greek Isles, you will not regret it! (Oh! and they deliver).

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To find out more about EOS, go to

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