POC Sushi Buffet, Weston

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

At the risk of exposing this secret hideaway, I’d love to tell you about this amazing Sushi Buffet a friend took me to this weekend.  It’s quaint and looks like it’s not open but if you round the corner, you’ll find bamboo, tables and a “we’re open” sign.

The special part of coming here is that the sushi is crisp and delicious – it was the best sushi I’ve had in a long time and it didn’t have just avocado and cucumber!  Plus your take-home is by the pound; two rolls (for my husband) of smoked salmon was only $8.79!  That’s 16 pieces and I had also added two sashimi!  Those prices are unheard of unless you know a great local dive.

We came for the buffet which was “unlimited” sushi bar/buffet, Miso soup, Hibachi Veggies and dessert ($12.75).  The service is very good and extremely helpful.  Overall, this place is a “must-try” for any sushi enthusiast.

For more information on POC, go to http://www.pocbuffet.com/en/.  They have locations in Weston and Coral Gables.


Hibachi Grilled Vegetables


Miso Soup


Veggie Salad Sushi


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