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October 13, 2015

Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar

by jem614

Can I just say that I’m in love with my husband’s camera!  This (veggie) burger shot makes me hungry.

Sunday night we checked out Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar for a late dinner.  My husband’s coworker told him he absolutely HAD to try one of their burgers and of course the Cookie and I were hauled along for the ride.  My nasal congestion and this horrible sinus infection makes it difficult to be hungry for anything, I can’t smell anything and when you can’t smell, nothing tastes right!

Thank goodness it looked this good because I had no appetite and still finished over half the burger.  This veggie monster is made from scratch in-house! Can you believe that?  They don’t just throw a frozen patty on the grill, they actually take the time to craft a really well-made, flavor-packed, patty. The atmosphere is also very wine-bar-ish in the middle of Sawgrass Mall in Sunrise, FL.  I can definitely see coming here with some girlfriends or guy friends and having a nice glass of red while chatting for a few hours.

Check them out at or on Facebook.

March 26, 2014

Barcelona Wine Bar, A Tapas Lover’s Dream

by jem614

IMG_2878[1]In trying to be inconspicuous at a work dinner (my regular work dinner), the pictures for this great restaurant were less than satisfactory.  It doesn’t truly convey the great tapas options we had.  Everyone else at my table was a guy and a meat-eater but the waitress kindly asked everyone if there were any allergies or diet restrictions before we started our “$55/each” meal.  The rest of the night, I was offered only vegetarian options and there were quite a few.  I even ate Quail eggs for the first time (they made me want to be vegan- I don’t like the soft texture of the eggs).

The first round was a bread with goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes on top of a glass of sherry, next came the olives tray (super spicy), followed by curry chickpeas, the quail egg and one or two more.  I don’t think it was worth $55 each but it was such a great dining experience or maybe it was the company but I really enjoyed myself.  It could have been the exceptional wait staff as well.  The place was packed when we sat down to eat at around 8:30 as well as the bar being full.   When we left around 11 pm, there was very few people except at the bar.  It is that warm atmosphere that you want in a restaurant/bar that keeps you coming back despite your rapidly depleting funds.

Barcelona is a great place to take a date for a romantic night out or even meet friends or coworkers at the bar.  Definitely a must-go if you’re in Stamford, CT!

December 22, 2011

Kork Wine and Cheese- Sangria and Mimosa Saturdays!

by jem614

By Jessica Michael


Kork is one of the hippest wine bars in downtown Miami (if not the hippest).  It’s not hip for its “new age” themes or sexy bartenders.  It’s hip because it’s laid back, the decor gives you the feeling of being inside an oak wine barrel, and the staff is incredibly friendly.

Armed with our Couptessa coupons last Saturday, four of us trudged our way downtown; braved the parking and slid into our seats for some UNLIMITED Sangrias and Mimosas.  From 12-4pm every Saturday, Kork has these unlimited Saturdays that are a great way to  have brunch with the girls, celebrate a birthday, an engagement, etc.  The first floor is the bar with a few tables and then downstairs is additional seating in the wine cellar.

If you didn’t get a chance to purchase the Couptessa coupon, no matter, you can still have unlimited Sangrias and Mimosas for $15.  Their salads are fabulous as well, loaded with goodies you expect to see at a fancy restaurant like figs and candied pecans.  Delicious!

Not only is this place fantastic, it also has a $5 happy hour on the weekdays (excluding Mondays).  The only downside to Kork is that it’s downtown Miami next to Macys.  The parking is either astronomical or hard to find.  We were able to finally find parking for $5 (Saturday rate) all day at a parking lot two blocks north of Kork and were pretty happy with it.

**Update: According to Kork, Valet will be available starting next week so you won’t have to worry about the parking anymore!

For more information go to! and tell them Veg On the Run sent you!  And… as always DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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