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February 7, 2013

Greenstreet Cafe, Coconut Grove

by jem614


Ashley and I’s first attempt at a cooking class at UM was a bit of a disaster.  Apparently there was a big UM game that night and there was no parking…anywhere.  We were told by the UM team that we would either have to keep driving around (we were already 15-20 minutes late because of traffic) or park almost a mile away.  Even then, it wasn’t guaranteed we’d find parking.  Is this really how they treat their customers?  I won’t be going back for any of their cooking classes as they weren’t very helpful about refunding us or finding us a place to park.  We paid $25 for nothing.

End of my rant.  On to the better part of the evening: We ended up in Coconut Grove at The Greenstreet Cafe.  I’ve been here for brunch and have been very happy with their options.  For dinner, I ordered a delicious Fig Salad and some tasty truffle fries- I have a thing for them and I know the fries kind of cancel out the salad but I was going for taste, not health.  The best part of the meal was what Ashley ordered but I’ll let her describe it in her more elaborate way with words so she can do it justice.

photo4All in all, one of the best restaurants in Miami.  It’s already popular so we won’t be doing them any favors by telling you about how good they are but we want our readers to know that there is this amazing restaurant they need to check out!

For more information, go to

January 11, 2012

Truffle Fries at the Brown Palace

by jem614

By Jessica Michael


Whoever invented truffle fries should be excommunicated for making such a sinful concoction!  This exquisite delight put a few dents in my derriere last week (thank goodness I’m eating better this week).  My friends from Ouray took me away from standard convention food for a night so I could enjoy some local flavor.

The Truffle Fries at the Brown Palace were probably the best fries I have ever tasted in my life!  They were served with an herbed butter but it really wasn’t necessary because they were amazing on their own!  (I did share these fries with the entire table and we didn’t finish them so don’t worry- I didn’t really binge).  The Brown Palace itself is this gorgeous hotel in downtown Denver; close to the Convention Center.  There is a really nice restaurant inside called Ellyngton’s as well as the saloon-style restaurant we ate at called the “Ship Tavern”.

The staff was also extremely friendly and although we were initially only one of the few people in the restaurant, their bar did get really busy later in the evening.

For more information on the Brown Palace in Denver, please go to

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