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May 21, 2013

The Rabbit Ear Cafe on a the dusty road to Colorado (or Texas)

by jem614

IMG_1148[1]It was late in the afternoon on a Friday when we finally rolled into town.  Shaking the sleep out of our legs, we woke the cookie up and pulled him out of his dreaded car seat.

I had looked all over Clayton, NM (all one street of it) for a decent, inexpensive hotel and alas! All I could find was the Super 8 (sad face).  Even the Best Western was $109 a night (there are approximately 2900 people that live in this town and they can afford to raise the rates that high?).  There was nobody there, why would the rates be so high?   The room at the Super 8 was less than stellar but it provided a soft place to sleep and it was close to a great restaurant (see photo).

The Rabbit Ear Cafe is New Mexican food at its finest! {In case you’re wondering, New Mexican food is a slight tweak on the Mexican favorites}.  I felt like I was home, I couldn’t believe how delicious the chili relleno was and the mexican rice was just a little soupy, perfectly tomato-y.    The place was empty, probably because they rely on the few straggling travelers that come through this town.  Two older gentlemen were there talking about old times while my child’s cries and screams echoed in the empty room.  He was teething and it’s very hard bringing him someplace that won’t send you packing when your child acts up.  Thankfully we didn’t have to worry about disturbing too much peace.  The place itself is really quite cute with signs on the wall and a cabin-ish feel.  Definitely someplace you could come in and relax to eat.

Our meal ended with a New Mexican favorite, Sopapillas.  Drizzled in honey, this is the kind of desert that would make you sell your firstborn just to have another bite.

Make no mistake, this is not a gourmet restaurant but if you want some down-home, tasty, New Mexican favorites, this is the ticket.  And look! They even have a website

August 16, 2011

Visit the Cinebistro at Dolphin Mall for a Royal Vegetarian Experience

by ashley

A special thanks again to Chef Justin of the Cinebistro at Dolphin Mall (Miami, FL) for the amazing vegetarian spread. We recently reviewed Cinebistro for their amazing cuisine and exceptional customer service (see our reviews here and here), and Chef Justin invited us back for an amazing custom vegetarian meal. We were excited to meet the man behind the great cuisine, as well. He is just as down to earth and friendly in person as he was over e-mail, giving his time to speak with us and experiment with some of his vegetarian ideas. Ashley loved the meaty portabello mushroom over Asian noodles, while Jessica thought the caramel-banana cream puffs were divine. We both think all dishes were more than worthy of spots on Cinebistro’s menu. Who knew such creativity would hide behind the kitchen walls of a movie theatre?!

Here are some photos of the amazing meal that Chef Justin prepared for us, we have only praise to give him and his colleagues for the wonderful restaurant experience they have created inside Cinebistro.

Tomato-Jalapeño Ceviche

Vegetable Sushi

Portabello Asian Noodles

Caramel Banana Cream Puffs

Jessica, Chef Justin and Ashley

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