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May 21, 2012

Chunkie Dunkies Raw Vegan Cookies (Gluten, Sugar & Soy Free, too!)

by ashley

As many of you may already know, one of my favorite pastimes (sad, I know) is roaming my local supermarket aisles in the hopes of finding something fun and new to try. While in Nutrition S’Mart last week, I was lucky enough to happen upon these adorable raw vegan cookies, even more enticing knowing they are made right here in South Florida. Chunkie Dunkies, based in Palm Beach Gardens, is a small business offering several different gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and even sugar-free cookie varieties. Trying to be as healthy as possible in my conquest, I decided to try their Sugar Free Lemon Cream cookies. They are a bit pricey at $6.99 for six small cookies, but I understand that quality ingredients are necessary to make raw vegan cuisine and would buy them again in the future as an occasional treat.

The cookie itself is best served cool and possibly with a glass of almond milk. The texture is fun, albeit a tad dry. The coconut and lemon was a great combination and several co-workers in my office also enjoyed them, including a few omnivores who are certainly not into raw vegan treats. The liquid stevia gives just a hint of sweetness, perfect for a hot summer day.

Chunkie Dunkies are sold in several health food stores throughout South Florida – a full list of locations is on their website at

April 11, 2012

Kaia Foods Kale Chips and Fruit Leather at Whole Foods

by jem614


By Jessica Michael

I have been wanting to try store-bought kale chips for ages and finally found some last night at Whole Foods.  I also picked up this cute little fruit leather made by the same company, “Kaia Foods”.  They were bargain-priced at only about $5 1/2 (most of the ones I have seen go up into the $8-9 range).

Here is my take: They have a great concept, the fruit leather was good, a little dry but cinamony and still tasty.  The Kale Chips, on the other hand, were not my favorite.

We do everything we can to provide positive reviews while still being honest on our site and I have to just say that these went straight into the garbage can.  I barely finished one chip and all my co-workers threw out their bites as well.  There may be those raw vegans who would absolutely love them but for those of us that waver on the hotter side of food, I’m afraid many may be disappointed.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried homemade Kale chips before and they weren’t bad.  Maybe it’s something about the way they blend the other ingredients in that changes everything.

I will still try Kaia’s products because I’m sure that some of them are really good, I think I just picked the ones that are not “fitting” for my palate.


February 25, 2012

Delicious Raw Vegan Cuisine: Green Wave Cafe in Plantation, FL

by ashley

by Ashley Morgan

Raw Vegan Nachos: Green Wave Cafe in Plantation, FL

My first experience with raw food was not pleasant. The food was bland, more interested in being appealing to the eye rather than the palate and at some times just completely inedible. This turned Jessica and I away from raw food for quite some time, I think even more than a year. We frequently would talk about trying another restaurant, however we couldn’t shake the ill feelings that our first try left.

For Jessica’s birthday I decided to surprise her by finding a raw restaurant, one with good reviews and something less pretentious food. Green Wave Café inPlantation,FLlooked perfect. Albeit a far drive fromMiami, especially in rush hour traffic, once we pulled into the quaint shopping plaza and saw the sign, I knew I’d made the right decision. The entrance to Green Wave looks like a restaurant you’d expect in a small town, as though you were being invited into someone’s home rather than a restaurant. Space is limited, as the restaurant is very small, however the intimate experience with the staff and the ability to watch all aspects of your food being prepared more than makes up for the lack of seating. There are two or three high-top tables and several barstools to sit along the kitchen.

The menu includes several options, of which we chose their nacho appetizer, a cheeseburger, the hummus sandwich and homemade ice cream. The nachos were by far the star of the evening, made on their housemade onion bread (which was only because they were out of the crackers, however this was so delicious I recommend requesting the onion bread). A perfect combination of sweet and savory, the nachos were something I will be craving for years to come. I ordered the hummus sandwich, which is more lettuce than hummus or bread. The bread again was the delicious onion bread, however I don’t think I would order the hummus sandwich again. Jessica ordered the cheeseburger, which again was delicious. Smothered in the same cheese sauce as the nachos, with mushrooms, onions and again on their amazing onion bread, I would absolutely recommend trying this. For dessert we were treated to a free ice cream for Jessica’s birthday, she chose chocolate. I also wanted to try their vanilla ice cream, so we ordered both. I cannot believe there was no dairy in the ice cream, it was rich and smooth, delicious.

This is a new favorite restaurant for us and we will be certainly visiting again. My only complaint is that it is so far fromMiami, otherwise I’d probably be there everyday. Thank you, Green Wave Café, for showing me that raw food can be delicious. If I had your chefs preparing all my meals, I know that I could eat raw on a regular basis. The staff is lovely, knowledgeable and willing to talk you through how they make each item. If you haven’t yet tried raw food, Green Wave Café is the place to go.

Green Wave Cafe

5221 A West Broward Blvd.
Plantation, Florida 33317

+1 954 581 8377

Raw Vegan Cheeseburger: Green Wave Cafe in Plantation, FL

Raw Vegan Hummus Sandwich: Green Wave Cafe in Plantation, FL

Raw Vegan Ice Cream: Green Wave Cafe in Plantation, FL

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