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July 16, 2012

Organic Probiotic Yogurt Sweetened with Stevia- Stonyfield Farms

by jem614

I’ve cut out the Activia in my life because of my recent Gestational Diabetes diagnosis and have been paying the price for it- to be blunt.  Pregnancy makes things move a little slower so that more nutrients can go to your baby (if you know what I mean).

Desperate for an alternative I found this Stonyfield Farm, Organic, stevia-sweetened, probiotic yogurt in the Publix dairy isle.  The taste is refreshing and clean and doesn’t have a terrible aftertaste.  It’s not overly sweetened either!

I’m still working on the “For The Glow” plan for one or two meals a day but this fits in for a good afternoon snack at only 70 calories.  The only negative would be that it’s real cows milk- would love to find some sort of alternative that isn’t as mucus-inducing but maybe that’s where the probiotics come in?

Check it out if you’re looking for something with no sugar- great for diabetics or even those that are just looking to cut the sugar.

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