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May 30, 2014

Month 1 of Nutrisystem Down!

by jem614

Today is the last day of Month 1 on Nutrisystem.  Well, at least it’s the end of 5 weeks on Nutrisystem.  After one month, here is what I have found:

1. Obsessive weighing can keep you from going off plan but can also kinda mess with your head.

2. Keep those pair of jeans you can’t seem to fit into yet- it’s sooooo motivating putting them on and having them fit!

3. A piece of fruit is actually a treat!!

4. No matter how much weight you lose, you still need to go to the gym to lose the pooch (blame my son for that).

5. I still need to go to the gym.

6. It’s totally possible to go out to eat on this plan.

7. I’ve actually saved money not eating out all the time.

8. 8.2 lbs later, I feel pretty accomplished and realize that 1 or 2 lbs a week is an incredible goal and so easy if you stick to your plan.  It adds up so quickly.

9. Take the time you have while on your diet to retrain your brain to eat healthier- I have already changed my July order to include only breakfast, lunch and snack so that I can teach myself how to eat dinners on my own.  For August, I may go it alone.

10. For the first time in a very long time, I might actually be able to wear a cute bikini for the summer and look half decent in it.

So there you go, diamonds of wisdom.  Go forth!

April 28, 2014

Nutrisystem for Vegetarians

by jem614

I finally did it, I signed up with the millions on Nutrisystem.  I know many of you are tut-tutting and shaking your head thinking I’ve gone off the deep end.  Before you judge me, let me give you a little background:

I’ve been curious about Nutrisystem for years and never jumped on board because I was afraid of spending $300 on something I would hate.  I also didn’t want to eat a bunch of prepackaged foods that were full of salt and crap for a month or more.  However, after researching it and after several people in my life have recently lost on NS, I was convinced I needed to at least try it. I don’t have hundreds of pounds to lose, just 15-20 lbs that I’ve been packing around since leaving New York (and travelling by car instead of walking around the city).



The Positives:
A friend of mine lost her baby weight by doing NS and she liked it as a great way to get on track.  Our pastor at our church also recently signed up his family and the entire family has lost weight.  They look amazing, I think they are actually what sealed the deal because his wife is losing so much weight, it’s obvious.

Most of all, after reading a bunch on it, I realized that NS actually advocates healthier eating.  Yes, the foods are frozen or freeze dried and yes, they aren’t realistic to eat long term (though some do) but they encourage the food groups and you’re required to eat 4 servings of veggies a day, healthy protein sources, minimal fruit to cut down on the sugar habit and they even use stevia and monkfruit in some of their products.  I am seriously impressed because this company always seemed to be so unhealthy to me.

Nutrisystem also has a vegetarian plan, though most of it is pastas and pizza and lasagna, it is quite tasty.  I haven’t found one meal that I hate yet.  In just three days, I’ve already lost 3 lbs.

If you order now, you get the 28 days + the Fast Five and it comes out to less than $50/week average (if you have the right discounts, etc) for month 1- just remember if you choose auto ship, you will be charged a penalty if you choose to cancel after month 1.

For those of you that are worried about paying $200-300 right out of your pocket, there is the Bill Me Later option and you can pay as you go- no interest and no payments for six months (if that is still available).

The Negatives:
The portion sizes are really small.  I was excited to eat my muffins every morning but they are so tiny!  I seriously thought I was missing some of my breakfast.  The soups are so minuscule that I thought there must be a mistake.  Nope, not a mistake, amazingly I’m not craving crap though!

It comes all at once.  I have an incredibly huge box sitting behind my desk right now.  28 days + 7 days of the Fast 5 is a lot of food.  The benefit of this is that you can pick and choose what you have each day so you don’t get bored.

Your first week, you will be hungry (unless you’re used to eating very little).  My stomach is shrinking slowly but I’m still hungry on day 3 around 3pm and today, I forgot my veggies so I’ll have to starve till I get on the road and can get some veggies from the store.

The most important thing- it’s Do-ABLE!  The portions are small but honestly, it kills your cravings because it’s tons of fiber and the shakes really take the edge off.  Be careful not to drink too much caffeine as it could impede your efforts.

If you are interested in joining, you can click on this link for more information.  I am looking forward to the next two months and will keep you all updated!

The Skinny on Pricing

As mentioned, you can do autoship and get the discount plus right now you can get the fast 5 and 28 days for $239.  If you choose my link below, I believe you can get $30 off the total cost of your shipment.  You can also check with Nutrisystem to see if they have a discount for your health insurance (mine did).  My first month came out to only about $44/week which is less than I spend in 5 days eating out.  For me, it’s actually more affordable than going to the grocery store but keep in mind you are still required to buy some of your own food.

Good luck if you try it- let me know how it goes.

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