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September 11, 2012

The Village Mediterranean Restaurant & Pastries in Pembroke Pines

by jem614

Want to indulge in a little “Middle East” decadence?  Check out The Village in Pembroke Pines for some delectable baklava and spicy Mediterranean fair.

The great benefit to Middle Eastern or “Mediterranean” food is that there are so many vegetarian options.  I love falafel sandwiches but have been going without because the place I normally get them from  makes them a little too greasy or maybe the oil they cook them in just doesn’t agree with me (I don’t really expect Gyroville to be perfect though, it is a fast food restaurant chain).  The Village makes them just perfect: fresh crunchy veggies, ungreasy falafel balls and tzatziki sauce.  My husband was in love with their b**f schwarma (for those of you who have meat-eating spouses or friends).

They also have opened up a new restaurant on University Drive that has a mini-store inside.  I will be going soon so we can make some fava bean and baba ghanouj dishes.

And…. of course, you can’t leave the restaurant without buying one or TEN baklava’s.  I literally could eat a hundred of them but unfortunately with Gestational Diabetes, I’m going to have to wait on that.  One little triangle of the chocolate baklava satisfied the craving for now!

Please go out to visit them and keep them in business because they are a little piece of food heaven!

12502 Pines Blvd
Pembroke Pines, FL 33027

March 5, 2012

Pasha’s Brickell

by jem614

By Jessica Michael


Ashley and I (and the hubby), traipsed down to Brickell late Sunday morning for a free (yes free!) brunch at Pasha’s.  We found the intimate event on their facebook page and signed up immediately.  I have been wanting to tell you about Pasha’s for ages, they are one of my favorite places to eat inexpensive Mediterranean food in Miami.

The brunch was supposed to start at 12pm and last until 2 but when we got there they were still setting up and we ended up waiting almost 45 minutes for them to be ready for us to eat.  I could tell that this was probably the first time doing brunch so I tried to be as objective as possible (hey, we were getting a free meal).  The staff were really friendly and though there were very few seats, it was cozy enough to talk to other brunch-goers without spitting in their food.

The food itself was genuine Pasha’s- tasty, light and delicious.  Four dishes of “spreads” were presented first in line at the brunch buffet followed by croissants (are they Mediterranean because I thought they were French?).  Next came an assortment of foods including grilled veggies, a type of pizza that was delicious, some meats that I won’t mention, a spinach pie and at the end was an omelet station.

We were also served a mimosa (which I regretfully declined because of the peanut growing in my now-burgeoning belly) and orange juice.  Desert was fruit and little baklava’s as well as min-flans.

Overall, I thought it was a great meal.  The hubby was delighted because he hates doing free things and said this was actually the best free thing he’s done.  Completely worth every dime! 😉

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