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December 7, 2015

When the Holidays Don’t Feel Like The Holidays

by jem614

Two weeks ago, I lost my brother.  The one that, up until three weeks ago, called me on Facebook every night to talk to my son and hang out while he showed him his latest train or car.  My son loved talking to him so much that as soon as he heard my phone ringing, he knew exactly who it was.  “Uncle Chris, Uncle Chris, come on let me show you”.  His little toddler self thought Uncle Chris was the funniest person in the whole world.
Right after our rushed Thanksgiving meal, we had to get on a plane and fly out to Colorado to bury him.  It was sudden, though we knew he wasn’t doing well.  It was heartbreaking.
My point in posting this is to remind you that during the holidays, not everyone is surrounded by people they love.  Some people live alone or feel alone and the holidays are just one more reminder of that.
If you are reading this and feel alone, we’re sending out one giant hug to you.  Talk to us, tell us about your favorite memory, what your favorite holiday dessert is, something you are challenging yourself to do in the new year or how you hate holiday traffic.  Tell us anything!  If you comment, we’ll ask for your address and send out a Christmas Card (do it soon or you’ll get it for New Years instead ;).
To leave this on a positive note, let me brag about our amazing friends:  We had people offering to care for our kids, picking us up from the airport, booking discounted hotels, people sending us plants (if you ever decide to send flowers to someone’s family, plants are such a beautiful gift because it’s a reminder of life).  My best friends were there for me 100%, spending time with me, offering to pick us up at the airport at midnight or spending time with my husband.  I even had one that left her own husband and children for five days so she could help us in Colorado.
My mother had someone driving her from Iraq to Turkey on a 7 hour trip just to make it to the airport after the Iraqi/Kurdistan airport had closed down because of Russian planes in the area.
Please remember to tell your friends and family how much you care for them this holiday season.  Make sure that every single one of them feels loved because life is so fleeting and you never know when that last conversation will happen.  Make sure they know that they are in your thoughts.
And because this is a food blog, we will talk about food too.  Our favorite place was Adam’s Mountain Cafe.  Despite the Yelp reviews, we never had to wait long for our food.  It has this ski-lodge feel with tons of drink options and a very specific menu so you know they take time to develop the foods and make them absolutely perfect.  You can’t go wrong with any of their desserts either.   Good food is good for the soul.

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