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May 20, 2011

Elevation Burger Takes it to New Heights Part 1

by jem614

A new burger joint opened up in Miami Lakes and we went to investigate last week.  After a less than stellar first impression with their #1 Vegetarian burger (it was a bit dry), we decided to give them another try today.  After all, the owner Magali Vannier, was extremely nice and suggested that we try their Vegan Burger wrapped in lettuce so “we can eat the fries without the guilt”.  Her friendly demeanor and helpfulness is also reflected in her staff.  In fact, when you get to Elevation Burger, you stand in a short line to order then you go sit down and wait for someone to bring you your meal, I love it already.  One of the worst parts about fast food places is the standing in line!

Elevation Burger prides itself on its grass fed beef and healthier burger options.  They use olive oil for their fries, which Ashley in her infinite wisdom has suggested may be an issue because Olive Oil does not cook as well at higher temps.  Regardless, they were delicious and abundant and I only finished half of them.  You also have to try the amazingly scrumptious shakes that we had last week but because I’m kicking the dairy habit, I did not go for a second round today.  The shakes are thick and creamy and you can choose two additions (oreos, cherries etc) to add into your shake (note to all of you who watched Jamie Oliver on Letterman, we still had the Vanilla Ice Cream in this one and it tasted nothing like beaver).

On to the burger- today’s #2 VEGAN burger was really quite good.  It’s a mostly vegetable patty that is really moist and wrapped in the lettuce, I actually had ZERO guilt eating it.  On the plus side it looked kind of snazzy wrapped in a large leaf of lettuce.  The only negative to this burger would be that I would have preferred it being wrapped in a more nutritious lettuce like romaine or for the more healthy people, Kale (granted, Kale is not the greatest tasting lettuce on its own) but it’s really not worth the complaint when you can add our own toppings of which I had added tomato and pickles and onions.

To top it all off, I left with a refill of their Orange Cinnamon Tea that reminded me of a summer version of apple cider.

I will be going back.

Update: 6/8/2011
We did go back! Discovered a new treasure at Elevation Burger- the most amazing chocolate oatmeal cookies.  You must stop by and try!
The cookies seriously deserves a Five Carrot Crunch!

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