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April 10, 2015

Nobi’s Kitchen- Baking Up A Storm in Plantation, FL

by jem614

I am in love with the healthy ingredients in Nobi’s Kitchen’s bakery items (most are vegan by the way).  She makes cakes, cupcakes, cookies, breads- the challah she bakes is way better than you’ll find anywhere.  And moms that are nursing?  No problem!!  She has lactation cookies that are not only great for building up your supply but are tasty too.

I recently ordered a dozen zucchini muffins for myself and my son as a way to get him to eat more veggies.  He is the pickiest eater on the planet and he loved them!  They tasted moist and flavorful, sweet even though they have only about 1/4 cup of sugar- IN AN ENTIRE DOZEN!  That low sugar content is so hard to find isn’t it?

The name “Nobi” is actually an adorable mash-up of her children’s names.  She started her business baking in her gorgeous rustic kitchen so she could spend more time doing what she loves: baking and spending time with her family. She’s an entrepreneur and a great mom!

For pricing on her products and how to get your own (cause we are not sharing), please go to for more info

*Photos courtesy of Nobi’s Kitchen

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