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May 22, 2013

Organic Rice Cakes for Babies- Happy Munchies

by jem614

My son is still trying to figure out eating so I’m giving him larger food items to teach him.  I haven’t figured out the whole “baby-led weaning” myself so it’s a work in progress.   These rice cakes are a good step in the right direction though!

I just ordered from Citrus Lane (link here:, a service that sends out goodies once a month for your baby or child.  This month’s box came with some stacking bowls, a baby book teaching about clocks and time, some dish soap for babies, a very nice lavender tube for mom (love that they include mom in these boxes) and this wonderful little bag of rice cakes.

I’m not big on rice cakes because I think they taste like cardboard but these nifty little snacks are only 140 calories and are made of brown rice and fruit!  The blueberry and beat make them very tasty.  In fact, the hubs and I ate the whole bag once we figured out that our 8 month old needs some time to get used to eating them.  I think in a month, he might figure it out but right now he cries and gags even though he likes the flavor.

I will definitely be going out and purchasing some more of Happy Munchies food items, in fact I already have their oatmeal and puffs at home so I know their products are good.  I might just buy a few more bags for myself in the process.

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