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May 9, 2011

Lunch of Champions?

by jem614

I just got back from a week in Washington DC.  It was sort of monumental to be there the week that Bin Laden was killed, I felt like I was witnessing a piece of history.
Besides that, I didn’t have time this weekend to make any food for lunches so we trekked over to the market at lunchtime to get some much needed food (I was so hungry, I grabbed $15 worth of crap).

Glutenfreeda’s has some amazing Burritos.  Although it was a bit spicy, I loved the refried-bean and rice taste, it reminded me of my mom making homemade corn tortilla burritos when I was a kid.  The great thing about these burritos is that they are Gluten Free and they are Dairy Free proving you don’t need to sacrifice for taste.
Calories: 177
Fat: 30
Carbs: 33
Protein: 5g
Sodium (it’s a little high unfortunately but not killer): 261mg

I cooked them in the microwave but I bet cooking in the oven would make these even more delicious.  I give them 3 1/2 carrots.

To be fair, I was so hungry that I ate like 10 Sesame crunches and a small pack of vegan gummi bears before I had my Vegetarian Kettle Cuisine Chili so it wasn’t as amazing as it could have been.   I love that it’s a thick soup, it has alot of vege’s in there and it’s only 220 calories with 13 grams of fiber (WOW that’s stinkin’ unheard of) great for a good colon cleanse ;).  I also like that it didn’t use tons of salt to cover up the flavor of the chili, it is a little sweet but that’s because of the reduction in salt most likley- I probably could have added salt and it would have blown my mind but I didn’t want to take away from the natural flavor of the chili.  All in all, it was a good tasting chili.  I give it three carrots.

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