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June 4, 2015

Last Day of School! SUMMER!!!

by jem614

Just wanted to share these adorable baskets that I made up last night for my little cookie’s teachers.  He has a ton of teachers so giving a gift card is out of the question.  I was desperately looking through pinterest for ideas and found this one:

Is that not the cutest thing in the world?  I didn’t have everything available so I did the Starbucks drinks, bagels and cream cheese, a beautiful little note with a heart on it and the flowers.

I was able to find almost everything at Target and spent a little less than $50 on it all (the best part of these baskets is that you can change it up and make it your own according to your budget).  I bought 8 of everything and it worked out perfectly.  I could have added some little pieces to make it extra special but my husband would have killed me for going over budget.

Just wanted to share!! I love being creative.  Tell us about your teacher appreciation gifts or the best home-made gift you’ve ever received!! We want to know.

Baskets @ Target $2/each in the summer/outdoor isles (8)
Starbucks lattes @ Target $5.49/4pack (2)
Flowers @Grocery Store $4 a bundle (2)
Bagels @Grocery Store $3.50 (2/basket) (16)
Cream Cheese singles @Grocery store $3.50 (8)
Note cards @Target $3.50 (10)
Basket Liners @Target $1 in $1 bins (15)
Brown Bags @Grocery Store $1.50 (100)

Happy Summer!

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