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September 2, 2014

Starlite Vegan Enchiladas Rojas

by jem614

I’m so happy I found this Vegan Enchilada meal!

It’s a new brand for me, I’ve never heard of Starlite Cuisine but I found them at Nutrition S’mart last week.  I have to fill my macros by eating higher-protein meals and this one did semi-ok with 11 grams of protein.   Also on the plus side, you can actually pronounce their ingredients.  The taste was pretty good and somewhat spicy.

What sets this aside is that it uses a “pea protein” for the “meat” of the enchilada.  It didn’t taste OFF like I expected to so I was pleasantly surprised.  I think the packaging kind of throws me off, something about it makes me think it’s not going to taste good but I’m glad I pushed past it. Looking forward to other products from this company…

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February 28, 2012

Gardein on the go? Yes! Lean Cuisine has it.

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

Although I don’t encourage everyone to go out and stock up on a month’s worth of Lean Cuisine (frozen dinners are great if they are a once a week habit or if you’re strapped for cash one week and need to eat), I would say go out and try the new Gardein VeggieCuisine from Lean Cuisine.

I have been waiting for these little meals for months now- since the news came out that Gardein was pairing it’s “meatless” meat with LeanCuisine.  I’m a go-go-go person and sometimes need something that I can pick up and throw in the microwave.


I would encourage you to be careful if you have to watch your salt intake as LeanCuisine can tend to be very high in sodium and preservatives are not the greatest thing for you either.  But I love the fact that I can now go find something with more substance in the freezer isle.  These will never take over my love for Amy’s but they are a good alternative when needed.

Be aware that these are NOT vegan and I know alot of people are unhappy about that but give them some time.  This is an incredible step in the right direction!

The Roasted Redpepper Fettuccini was really tasty and there was a good bit of chikin in there to make it more filling.  Alot of garlic but that seems to be LC’s signature taste.

Let us know what you think!

May 9, 2011

Lunch of Champions?

by jem614

I just got back from a week in Washington DC.  It was sort of monumental to be there the week that Bin Laden was killed, I felt like I was witnessing a piece of history.
Besides that, I didn’t have time this weekend to make any food for lunches so we trekked over to the market at lunchtime to get some much needed food (I was so hungry, I grabbed $15 worth of crap).

Glutenfreeda’s has some amazing Burritos.  Although it was a bit spicy, I loved the refried-bean and rice taste, it reminded me of my mom making homemade corn tortilla burritos when I was a kid.  The great thing about these burritos is that they are Gluten Free and they are Dairy Free proving you don’t need to sacrifice for taste.
Calories: 177
Fat: 30
Carbs: 33
Protein: 5g
Sodium (it’s a little high unfortunately but not killer): 261mg

I cooked them in the microwave but I bet cooking in the oven would make these even more delicious.  I give them 3 1/2 carrots.

To be fair, I was so hungry that I ate like 10 Sesame crunches and a small pack of vegan gummi bears before I had my Vegetarian Kettle Cuisine Chili so it wasn’t as amazing as it could have been.   I love that it’s a thick soup, it has alot of vege’s in there and it’s only 220 calories with 13 grams of fiber (WOW that’s stinkin’ unheard of) great for a good colon cleanse ;).  I also like that it didn’t use tons of salt to cover up the flavor of the chili, it is a little sweet but that’s because of the reduction in salt most likley- I probably could have added salt and it would have blown my mind but I didn’t want to take away from the natural flavor of the chili.  All in all, it was a good tasting chili.  I give it three carrots.

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