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March 26, 2012

Friedmans Chelsea Marketplace, NYC (Farmhouse Brunch)

by jem614

By Jessica Michael


I am in love with Chelsea Marketplace in Manhattan!  This past Friday, I was able to walk from Union Square (which has a cute little farmer’s market on Friday’s apparently) to Chelsea – in heels!  Not easy to do when you’re pregnant and feel really off balance.

Initially my plan was to go to One Lucky Duck to have breakfast but then found out it has mostly just smoothies and juices so I opted to just buy a glass straw and move on.  I am so happy I did because my breakfast at Friendmans was one of the best I’ve had in a long time.

I believe the french toast was made with Challa bread because it was thick and soft and scrumptious.  I think my stomach just growled again ;).  On top was a warm berry compote that was just perfect on the sweetness.  Delicious!

The seating in Friedmans is picnic style and you will most likely be sitting with other people at the table.  It’s great if you don’t mind your space being invaded (let’s face it, you’re in New York, there is no such thing as personal space).

Please check out Chelsea Marketplace in Manhattan and stop by Friendmans for breakfast or lunch!

*** This place is veggie friendly but may be hard to find anything vegan.

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