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May 28, 2015

Chia Pod’s and How “Unhealthy” They Are (NOT)

by jem614

I recently received this letter in my son’s lunch pack after picking him up from school.  I was flabbergasted to think that a Chia Pod would be deemed unhealthy and considered a chocolate treat.   Mind you, last week, I sent in a sugary 24 mg (sugar) coconut yogurt with chocolate and received no response.
Yogurt is fine but apparently chia with cacao is not?  I don’t know if this is the new Michelle Obama plan that everyone has been complaining about but something obviously needs to be done about educating our schools and teachers on superfoods and healthy alternatives, etc.  12 mg. of sugar is actually less than most yogurts and Chia provides things like Calcium, antioxidants, etc.
You can be sure that I sent a note right back to the teacher with an explanation that my son cannot have milk yogurt anymore as he’s allergic, and that they would need to make concessions for the yogurt alternatives that I send.  He’s an extremely picky eater and refuses to drink almond milk or veggies so getting his calcium and vitamin D is a challenge.

I am sure it was just an oversight on their part but it definitely opened my eyes on the mis-education of the american populace.  If our children are being taught that goldfish crackers or high sugar yogurts are a better snack  than chia pods (made with 5 whole ingredients: Almond Milk, Chia seeds, water, coconut sugar and cacao), we have a lot of work to do at home.

Do you have children in the school system too?  Have you received a note about something they brought being unhealthy?  Let us know!

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