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December 3, 2015

Holiday Detox Series: Publix Edamame Steam-in-Bag

by ashley

 Like most of the country this past week, I ate waaaayyy too much over Thanksgiving. Too many desserts to count – who can say no to ricotta pumpkin cheesecake? I learned I definitely cannot! And so many savory carbs like bread, mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, rice and gandules, russian potato salad….ehhh. Needless to say, it’s only the beginning of December and already the holiday pounds are starting to creep up on me. I don’t want it to get out of hand so I’ve decided to start my “new year’s resolution” early – instead of January, why don’t we start in December IN BETWEEN all of the horrible eating that accompanies this time of year? This will be a mini-series of posts as I go along my holiday season natural detox diet. There will be cheat days, of course, on the days that I have a party or family gathering, but I will limit them and also keep portions in check. Everything in moderation!

This time of year is also one of the busiest, meaning that I don’t have a lot of prep time for my healthy meals. I’m looking for quick, cheap and healthy meals and snacks. So far I raided my local Publix who had a sale on their steam-in-bag vegetables. I love edamame, but had actually never made it at home. Typically in restaurants it comes covered in salt or sauces, which are not part of my holiday detox plan, so the Publix brand edamame is a perfect snack or side dish being that the ingredients listed are just: edamame!

Since I’m a glutton, I need these nutrient dense, low calorie options so I can eat large quantities. I ate the ENTIRE BAG as part of my dinner yesterday and it came out to only 275 calories, 8.8 grams of fat, 27.5 carbs and it gave me a whole 12.5 grams of protein. A great way to add bulk to your diet without packing on the calories. It’s super easy to make: pop in the microwave for 5-6 minutes, let sit for a minute or so to cool and then eat. For the holiday detox, make sure not to add any salt or sauce. The more you eat veggies on their own, the more your taste buds will become accustomed to not needing as much salt. Also make sure to drink as much water as you can throughout the day. I try to drink about 16 oz an hour, sipping constantly. Your body will adjust to the increase in your water intake after a few days, but the first couple of days you will go to the bathroom a lot more often. This is great for your whole body, giving your skin a great glow and also cleaning out your organs.

You don’t need to do an expensive juice cleanse or detox pills to really clean up your body and your nutrition. Focus on lots of water, cutting back on refined sugar and sodium, as well as eating lots of whole foods. If you’re struggling with flavor, try adding fresh garlic or herbs to your food. Make sure you don’t use any mixed seasonings that have sodium. You’ll want to limit your sodium intake on your “clean” days as much as possible!

May 27, 2011

Pei Wei – Vegetarian Friendly but is it healthy?

by jem614

My husband’s favorite restaurant used to be PF Chang’s and when we found out that the fast food version, Pei Wei, was coming to Miami we were ecstatic. Lamentably, this fast food chain did not quite meet our expectations.  The hectic atmosphere did not translate into good fair, it was hit and miss; mostly miss.   However, because Pei Wei has so many vegetarian options I end up eating there every couple of weeks anyway, I’m a slave to my vegetarianism (or my laziness).

A little about their food: Their edamame is good, it can be too soft but for the most part it’s crisp, tasty and nutritious.  Just be aware that what you get is actually two servings at 160 calories each (you may be eating healthy but it’s almost worth a whole meal if you eat both servings) and be careful with adding the salt (paired with the meal, you might keel over from sodium overload).  I do usually love their Mongolian Tofu with Vegetables and brown rice.  Seriously, how can that not be healthy? Beware that when they serve you, they are serving you two (2) yes, TWO servings at 360 calories a serving and whopping 1350 mg of sodium – this is heart attack food! Maybe healthy is too much to hope for in a  $7.99 meal?

Warning: Pad Thai dishes have an astounding 2500 mg or above Sodium Content.  Mayo Clinic online recommends 1500 mg or below for those ages 51 and above per day.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still eat here but after reading their nutrition information, it will be less than once a month and I’ll probably get something with lower sodium.

For nutritional information on Pei Wei go to


*****Update June 2012
Pei Wei now has “Diner Selects” meals that are supposed to be about 1/2 the portion size so as to reduce the calories and at only $6.50 including an appetizer, how can you go wrong?  Unfortunately they have yet to change their sodium content:

Mongolian Vegetables & Tofu Servings: 1 Calories (this is not including rice) 200 Fat Cal 60 Fat g 6 Sat Fat 0.5 Trans Fat 0 Cholest 0 Sodium (EEEK) 1630 Carbs 27 Fiber 2  Sugars 18  Protein 10

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