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June 21, 2012

Glow, not Grow

by jem614

At my 24 week check up two weeks ago, my doctor seemed concerned that I had gained 20 lbs.  I must admit it was a bit terrifying to realize that I had gained that much, I’ve never weighed this much in my life.  However, the impact hadn’t really sunk in.  In my head I was thinking, “but I have 10 more pounds I can gain”.

When she explained how her office is very careful about keeping patients on a healthy track, I completely respected her.  She said that they try to keep c-sections to a minimum and gaining tons of weight during pregnancy can often produce a bigger baby – not just weight-wise but also length/bone mass too.  When your baby gains more weight, their shoulders stretch as well as their legs.  This can create an issue when coming out as a natural birth.  Which is why some women who gain quite a bit during pregnancy are required to have a c-section.

I have been through two surgeries in my life and neither one was fun or easy to recover from so I’m doing what I can to stop this freight train.

That is why I am so excited to bring this to all of you that are searching for a healthier way of eating or a Pregnancy “diet (not really a diet)” plan!!!  I have talked about her before but Jennifer Jordan from “For The Glow” is extremely informative as well as a product of her own success.  I bought access to her site two years ago and have been meaning to use one of the plans for ages.  I’m finally ready and willing to make some major changes for my health and to keep my baby healthy.  I also want to try to implement some of the changes long-term, even after the baby is here.

So, starting in Tri 3 next week (I’m counting week 27 as the start of Tri 3 because it basically is) I’m going to start on the For The Glow Vegetarian Plan ( that just came out this week.  I can’t share everything because you’ll have to buy it yourself to find out (but it’s really inexpensive and has TONS of information) I do want to give you an overview and how it is changing me and my health.  The best part of the plan is that it doesn’t tell you how much you should be eating so it is flexible for a baby mama like myself!

I love new beginnings, I love that my baby is going to be getting even more nourishment and love from what I eat.

Stay tuned for more information tomorrow on what a Day in the Life looks like or go there yourself to find out!

January 17, 2012

Vegan Bodybuilding Challenge- Jessica Week 2 & 3

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

Last week I traveled to Denver for our yearly sales conference for my “day” job.  I love going because we always go during the winter time and it’s the only time I get to enjoy snow.  The part that I don’t like is that they usually have really bad food and terrible options for vegetarians.

This year, I emailed the event coordinator to see what type of vegan/vegetarian options there would be.  She replied saying that like last year, we would have pasta and veggies and salads.  I proceeded to explain to her that those options were not “healthy” options and that a week without protein could leave all vegetarians feeling a bit tired.

Amazingly, she listened and the Hyatt at the Colorado Convention Center actually provided incredibly healthy and filling vegetarian options (go Hyatt!).  Each meal provided something tasty- quinoa with cranberries and other succulent tastes, vegetable based soups, couscous, mushroom and roasted vegetable sandwiches, fruits, veggie casseroles, the list goes on.

However, as we’re on a vegan bodybuilding challenge, I did falter.  I drank too much alcohol (in Denver 2 glasses is actually 4 because of the altitude), didn’t work out enough (out of the 5 days I was there, I only worked out twice) and ate bread that I had told myself I wouldn’t eat.  I didn’t gorge myself and I should have known better than to start a vegan challenge a week before I went away for work.  But life doesn’t always wrap itself in a neat little package, it’s real and you mess up.

On a lighter note, it’s week 3 and I’m back on track.  I worked out on Sunday for an hour and I’m back in the gym today and eating healthy again.  The transition from vegetarian to vegan isn’t easy but it’s do-able.  I drank an Odwalla for breakfast yesterday, had an apple for a snack, a huge salad for lunch, some peanuts for afternoon snack and then some more kale for dinner along with some seaweed snack chips (I read that type O blood types increase thyroid/metabolism function by eating Seaweed and not necessarily taking Iodine pills).

Each day is a challenge but we’re facing it head on and every day we become stronger and healthier.  I can’t wait till June to see how far we’ve come!!!

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