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February 19, 2014

The Dr. Oz Diet (combined with a little of this and a little of that)

by jem614
Berry Cobbler

Berry Cobbler Sweetened with Dates and Nut Crust

Let’s face it, I’m not meant to starve.  Not only do I love food but I am also still nursing my young toddler and need all the calories I can get just to make it through the day.   My mom is here for a while and she jumped on board with me when I said I wanted to try the Dr. Oz diet!

The diet itself is free online and can be found here:  It is easy to stick to as it’s basically mapped out for you.  There are some missing details that I’ve found though it might be more clear if you read through his blog and watch the videos he posted.

We took the liberty of adding “raw vegan” foods to our diet because we figured clean eating would be fine.  As long as we didn’t stray outside the boundaries he created (such as eating high GI foods).  We are also having decaf almond milk coffee sweetened with dates.  Dates are such a fantastic way of sweetening things, I might just keep it up.  I would love to find a really good date paste so I don’t have to emulsify dates every time I want to eat something.

Also, I hesitate to call this a diet because you could probably continue on like this (with some tweaks) on a regular basis.

Here are some tweaks that have probably slowed the “diet” process for us but have still produced weight loss while keeping us satiated:

1. Dates for sweetners
2. We have been eating the whole cleansing soup and not throwing away the veggies- waste not, want not
3. We have been having the “Mary’s Gone Crackers” with our Hummus to make it more tasty
4. We have had decaf coffee with almond milk but it is the only way I can keep myself from being tempted to go for my cafe con leche in the morning
5. Lots of nuts (he says a few handfuls and you should probably stick to this but we’re still learning) because we’re making desserts and dressings with nuts
6. We went to a raw vegan cafe (Greenwave Cafe, Plantation) and ate whatever we wanted on the menu as long as it was not High Glycemic veggie or had agave
7. We have been using some recipes from Ani Phyo’s raw cook book such as the raw flax pancakes that are delicious
8. Dr. Oz doesn’t really give too many vegetarian examples for protein for dinner but I have been using sprouted tofu “organic”
9. We have been using coconut oil instead of butter

It seems we have strayed a lot but really we haven’t and it’s only so we can make this long term and not just a short term fix.  I believe in life changes and I hope that I can change my eating habits.  This diet allows for protein and because I am not vegan, I will probably add in eggs after the 2 weeks is up.  Take of it what you will, I used the Dr. Oz diet as a launching point because I’ve been trying to change my eating since my son was born and just didn’t have the willpower.  This was easy enough while not being too depriving.

The good thing is that my cravings are finally going away, I am not craving my tostada as much today!  Victory.

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