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July 27, 2015

Panther Coffee, Wynwood

by jem614

If you haven’t yet been to Wynwood in downtown Miami, you’re becoming one of the few.  It’s host to art shows and an unending stream of tourists coming to take pictures of random art all over the sidewalks and graffiti’d walls.

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I have driven through it and kept making a mental note to go but hadn’t made the time till this past weekend when my sister-in-law suggested we check out “Panther Coffee”.  It’s very hipster and packed full of people on a Saturday morning.  In fact, I waited over 5 minutes for a coffee but it’s worth it for the people-watching.

Their outside tables are quite large and even a middle table that resembles a “family eating” style as everyone is at one very large u-shaped table.  Definitely a must if you are in Wynwood and you have to try the Bunnie Cakes mini cupcakes- super cute and gluten/dairy free!

Prices: Think “Starbucks and a little bit more”.

February 20, 2013

Happiness by the Sea: BeachHouse Beanery and Cafe

by ashley

BeachHouse Beanery: Vegan Coffee House, Flagler Beach, FL While gallivanting around the north coast of Florida, I happened upon what appeared to be an unassuming neighborhood coffee house. But opening the doors to BeachHouse Beanery is like opening the door to the sun – bright colors wash this place in happiness, wafting aromas of coffee, spices and cakes fill your lungs, the friendly greetings of coffee girls beckoning you to the front register. I am told this is a new location for them, if that is true, they certainly chose a wonderful spot. It is right across from the boardwalk, and with a view of the sandy beach below. While you cannot see the ocean too well from inside the café, you won’t miss it much with the bright, inviting interior. I left telling my better half that I would love to decorate our house like this, inciting some rather unnecessary eye-rolling on his part. Think bright yellows, oranges, pinks, purples, sea foam greens and blues married with mismatching chairs and comfy wicker seats, and you will start to conjure up images of BeachHouse Beanery.

BeachHouse Beanery: Vegan Coffee House, Flagler Beach, FLThe drinks are also phenomenal – I ordered a chai tea, which was absolutely the best chai I have had in my life. I will be dreaming of their chai, cursing the four hours’ drive between my house and it. I tasted a bit of Fernando’s regular latte, as well as the strawberry shake he devoured after (I can’t say anything, I had three chai teas!). Everything was utterly delicious. I also ordered their “Meatless Marvel”, which is an English muffin with egg, tomato and cheese, served with a small fruit salad. Delicious. Other menu highlights are their freshly baked vegan cakes, we took a bit of their vegan banana bread home. They also have soysage available, for someone craving a heartier breakfast. And for your omnivorous friends, they have lots of meat options, as well. I’m sad that my stomach wasn’t able to fit in one of Pam’s Green Monster smoothies (fresh spinach, banana, mango, almond milk and flax seed), something I still regret. I will just have to try it next time!

BeachHouse Beanery: Vegan Coffee House, Flagler Beach, FLWhat I found most comforting about BeachHouse Beanery was the low-key vibe, the friendly (and gorgeous!) coffee girls, and that it is truly a “mom and pop” place. Their website has the entire story on how Carol and Jeff, husband and wife, opened BeachHouse Beanery in 2008. If you are in Flagler Beach, FL, you definitely need to check them out. BeachHouse Beanery is the ideal location for a lazy breakfast by the sea.

BeachHouse Beanery

1112 S. Oceanshore (A1A), Flagler Beach

Phone: 386-338-2484

September 6, 2011

The Financier wall street bakery

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

Day 1: Dessert

I would come back to this place if the food tasted sub-par.  It’s cute, has nice music, pretty pastries and exquisite staff to boot.
I walked in and instead of someone on the other side of the glass greeting me, a young guy came up beside me and asked how he could help me.  He was so nice and friendly I had to make sure he worked there and wasn’t just hitting on me!   What a great place near Wall Street to just sit and relax while you watch the world of money fly by.  It reminds me of a bakery you might find in Paris.  I tried a regular coffee and had the blueberry cheesecake pastry below that was made of real blueberries.  It was tasty and light and hit the right spot on a  rainy Tuesday afternoon.
I think the pictures say everything:

For more information on the Financier Bakery, go to their website at

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