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August 16, 2011

Visit the Cinebistro at Dolphin Mall for a Royal Vegetarian Experience

by ashley

A special thanks again to Chef Justin of the Cinebistro at Dolphin Mall (Miami, FL) for the amazing vegetarian spread. We recently reviewed Cinebistro for their amazing cuisine and exceptional customer service (see our reviews here and here), and Chef Justin invited us back for an amazing custom vegetarian meal. We were excited to meet the man behind the great cuisine, as well. He is just as down to earth and friendly in person as he was over e-mail, giving his time to speak with us and experiment with some of his vegetarian ideas. Ashley loved the meaty portabello mushroom over Asian noodles, while Jessica thought the caramel-banana cream puffs were divine. We both think all dishes were more than worthy of spots on Cinebistro’s menu. Who knew such creativity would hide behind the kitchen walls of a movie theatre?!

Here are some photos of the amazing meal that Chef Justin prepared for us, we have only praise to give him and his colleagues for the wonderful restaurant experience they have created inside Cinebistro.

Tomato-Jalapeño Ceviche

Vegetable Sushi

Portabello Asian Noodles

Caramel Banana Cream Puffs

Jessica, Chef Justin and Ashley

July 20, 2011

Cobb Cinebistro Asian Rice Bowl

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

On Friday Ashley and I (who are avid Harry Potter enthusiasts) went to Cinebistro to watch the last installment of the Harry Potter Series.  We regularly choose Cinebistro for these blockbuster hits because it means that we avoid the lines and they don’t allow children in after 6pm.  Another bonus is that you can pick your seats when you purchase online.

Cinebistro is also good for their restaurant fare.  They don’t serve just boring hot dogs, nachos and popcorn (though popcorn is on the menu), they serve regular restaurant meals.  Just be aware that it’s not a cheap night out though you can get away with spending under $70 for a couple if you’re very careful.

Ashley and I surveyed the menu the day before to see what vegetarian options there were for entrees and there was only one: a lonely, simple pasta dish. This is pretty standard for restaurants, I’m finding.  Instead of just accepting it, I called and Ashley emailed and we were able to get a couple of options added for us for the evening.  The chef was extremely accommodating and even sounded happy to make us something different.
I chose the Asian Rice Bowl that tasted like it had shitake mushrooms and balsamic seasoning.  It was a tangy, luscious party on the tip of my tongue.

It had all the bushy green veggies on top that made it healthy and vibrant and a hot sauce on the side in case you’re into that kinda thing.  Inside were quartered Brussels Sprouts, Broccolini, and Shitake Mushrooms.

I also have a “standard” menu item that I always order when I go to Cinebistro because it is delish and that is the Hummus Bean Dip with pita bread (ask if they will give you extra bread because I promise you that you will run out of bread before you run out of dip).  Just beware because they charge you $3 more if you order extra bread.

Our overall experience for dinner was amazing.  The waiters are always extremely friendly and willing to serve you.  Please tip them well because they do their jobs in under 30 minutes and have to wait till the next movie to be able to make more $$.

If you go, ask for Chef Justin’s Vegetarian Asian Rice Bowl and tell them Veg On the Run sent you!

Four Carrots!

For more information on Cobb Cinebistro and their locations, please go to

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