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July 5, 2011

Carnival Valor Vegan Options?

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

I hate to break it to you but Carnival Valor does not offer Vegan Main Entrees.  Not that you can’t eat Vegan while you’re on the ship- they are extremely accomodating but it’s not on the menu.

After doing the detox the week before my trip, I was excited and ready to eat nourishing food on my week-long cruise.  I wasn’t perfect but it really helped me to think healthy! And after watching larger cruise goers pile their plates with unhealthy options it was even more motivation.

Our outing in Cozumel was fantastic as well but as you can imagine, Mexican food is not vegan – at least the traditional type.  At La Mission, a local hangout, they served us serving after serving of bread and homemade tortilla chips with guacamole.  We didn’t have any room left on our table.  Overall it was a fantastic place though a bit expensive and you have to be careful because they WILL try to sell you trinkets while you eat your meal.  Check it out if you get to Cozumel.

La Mission Chili Relleno

My dinner at La Mission consisted of a small tostada with refried beans, a salad and Chile Rellenos (pictured above).  Scrumptious, absolutely fabulous and totally vegetarian (as mentioned before, not vegan).  They do have a few veggie options for you if chile relleno’s are not your thing.

Carnival’s Version of Chili Relleno

Carnival’s Eggplant Parmesan

Valor offered their own version of the Chile Relleno that included a stuffing heaped with potatoes and veggies (pictured above).  It was good but it wasn’t like any Relleno I’ve ever had before.  Their vegetarian options were surprisingly mostly cheesy options.  The amazing Eggplant Parmesan that was made of Eggplant and Squash (no noodles) was overflowing with rapturous cheese however I was able to take much of it off as it was mostly used as a topping.  Certainly tasty and amazing for vegetarians who don’t have any milk allergies.

The staff on the Valor were fantastic. Our cleaning crew members, specifically “Madi” from Indonesia, provided the most amazing service.  I have never felt so taken care of and happy to give my $10 a day in gratuity (remember that when you book a cruise they request a  gratuity that is added to your bill automatically).

The wait staff were willing to take off cheese from your meals if possible (it’s not always possible), give you Soy Milk in your coffe and their starter plates are exactly that, a small bite to whet your appetite.  A big change from Fridays where you’re stuffed by the time your dinner comes.

Grand Cayman is a fantasticly beautiful island.  We didn’t eat there but this is their main course many times (below):

 So you can see why I wasn’t hungry.  Turtles are one of my favorite animals, so sweet, gentle and ancient creatures living longer than most of us.    The turtle farm was amazing but I didn’t know until we were in the middle of the tour that the farm is there to raise turtles for eating.  A bit sad but I’m not here to judge those that choose to eat meat, I just chose not to.

At the turtle farm, they do have a small restaurant where they serve, you guessed it, turtle soup.  Yuck.  They didn’t get any of my money that day.

Overall, the trip offered some amazing fair and so many beautiful sights and people to meet.

After tweeting about the lack of Vegan options, here is what Carnival suggested:

@carnivalcruise:  “Just speak with your wait staff on the first night and let them know your dining needs and they will be happy to assist. There are Vegetarian selections on every dinner menu and they will prepare Vegan options upon request.”
As mentioned they are very accommodating but if you want to avoid having to tell new waiters every night what your preferences are, make sure you do the specific dining time option instead of the “any time” option.  Also, though they are really accommodating and generous, they might not have many protein options for you.

Go to for information on booking cruises or for information and reviews from real passengers about the food, go to

5 Carrots for excellent service, 3 for Vegan options and 4 for a Great Time!

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