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August 11, 2011

Banana Date Shake

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

An hour or two outside of Phoenix is a little town called, “Quartzsite”.  Twenty or thirty minutes west of there, on some back roads, you can find an array of date farms that specialize in everything dates, including Date Shakes.

Last year, before my grandmother passed away, my mother and I went to visit her and we combed the desert in search of a date shake. Unfortunately, it’s too hot in the summer for date farming so there were no date farms open at the time. Instead, we settled for some older dates from a convenience store (ew but we were desperate) and made our own shakes. We sat on grandmas back porch soaking in the heat of the Arizona sun and slugged back our date concoction.

So, when I saw a posting the day before yesterday about Date shakes, I went out and purchased the ingredients to make my own.

Cacao Nibs

I ad cacao nibs to pretty much any smoothie I make.  It gives it a little crunch and it’s like finding a buried treasure in your drink.

Brown Flax Seed

Flax is good to have in any meal because it adds some much needed fiber and good fats as well as cancer-fighting properties.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds add a little “plump” to your shakes and have some slow-carbo release mechanisms that keep you fuller longer and they don’t cause your sugar to plummet or skyrocket because they work with your body.

Nutrition S’Mart has large bins of the seeds and nuts, etc. and it’s usually cheaper to get your grains that way instead of pre-packaged.  They do recommend that you freeze them for 24 hours at 0 degrees in order to avoid weevils etc.

Date shakes only need one (if using medjool dates) or two (if smaller type of date) dates to sweeten it.  If you want to stay vegan, which I did, I used Coconut milk and ice instead of ice cream.  Add a little cinamon, any other ingredients you think will work, blend and enjoy!

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