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January 21, 2016

Why Not “Try The World”

by jem614

My mom is a world traveler and, as I was trying to figure out what to get her for Christmas, a little ad popped up on Facebook.  Try The World, buy three for $39 (promo no longer available).  So I bought it!  I was so excited waiting to see what we were going to get because of course, mom always shares.

The three boxes came a few days before Christmas so we opened them early in case anything was perishable (we could have waited honestly, we were just too excited to open the boxes).

She loved it, needless to say.  I was worried that it would be cheap and not worth the $39 but I think we were more than happy with the contents of these Tiffany-blue boxes!

Best Christmas present, they were full and beautifully packaged.  We even put some food out for our Christmas guests who gobbled them up.  These are things that you actually need in the kitchen too- like sea salt and olive oil and Dijon mustard but with different tastes than we’re used to here.

Such a great experience, we will be doing it again!

To get your own Try The World box and enjoy your trip around the world, go to or Try The World $15 Off Here
They also have a limited time- free trial offer here: Free Trial Paris Box

June 4, 2015

Last Day of School! SUMMER!!!

by jem614

Just wanted to share these adorable baskets that I made up last night for my little cookie’s teachers.  He has a ton of teachers so giving a gift card is out of the question.  I was desperately looking through pinterest for ideas and found this one:

Is that not the cutest thing in the world?  I didn’t have everything available so I did the Starbucks drinks, bagels and cream cheese, a beautiful little note with a heart on it and the flowers.

I was able to find almost everything at Target and spent a little less than $50 on it all (the best part of these baskets is that you can change it up and make it your own according to your budget).  I bought 8 of everything and it worked out perfectly.  I could have added some little pieces to make it extra special but my husband would have killed me for going over budget.

Just wanted to share!! I love being creative.  Tell us about your teacher appreciation gifts or the best home-made gift you’ve ever received!! We want to know.

Baskets @ Target $2/each in the summer/outdoor isles (8)
Starbucks lattes @ Target $5.49/4pack (2)
Flowers @Grocery Store $4 a bundle (2)
Bagels @Grocery Store $3.50 (2/basket) (16)
Cream Cheese singles @Grocery store $3.50 (8)
Note cards @Target $3.50 (10)
Basket Liners @Target $1 in $1 bins (15)
Brown Bags @Grocery Store $1.50 (100)

Happy Summer!

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