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November 29, 2011

Aunt Pat’s Texas Cookies (Ancestral Recipe #1)

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

I’m finally going back to my roots and sharing those recipes I received on my wedding day.  Aunt Pat is no longer with us but her memory will always be!


As you can see, Aunt Pat’s cookies are not vegan.  She was a believer in eating whatever she wanted- my best memories of her were going to City Market in Grand Junction, CO to buy Ice Cream then heading to the Video store for a full night of scary movies!  She indulged us as kids and loved us as if we were her own, I miss that about her.

My husband still talks about the Thanksgiving and Christmas we went up to visit our cousins and my aunt.  He misses the over the top food spread that we would never be able to accomplish between the two of us ;).

Aunt Pat’s Texas Cookies are meant to be big and fat and delicious.  Unfortunately because I used coconut oil and reduced it, it didn’t turn out to be the big monster cookies I expected (so please be sure to use the butter- of course use the Earth Balance if you want it to be vegan).  Also, you might want to use a little extra egg replacer if it’s not moist enough.

Here are my replacements (the cookies still turned out delicious, just a little dry):

Coconut oil (reduced by 1/4)
Ener-G Egg Replacer
Oat Flour (because I’m allergic to wheat)
Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips (dairy free, gluten free, Vegan)
Brown Sugar (not sure this was a good change but I would stick to regular sugar till you know for sure)

So, this ended up being my dinner last night because I literally could not stop eating it.  It is delicious and because it has nuts and coconut and chocolate and oats; it was like eating a granola bar.  Plus! It had no eggs in it so eating it before it was baked was not a problem.



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