Mama Veg’s Organic, Wild Salad (with things you can find in the woods)!

by jem614

Wild Lamb’s Quarter

CAM00019I’ve told you before about my mom: she has been in the peace corp, traveled around the world and would be the only person I would trust to save me from an apocalypse.  She knows what types of plants you can eat in the wild and she basically lives in a completely eco-friendly home.

I asked her to send me pictures of her wild salad she has been eating at home and wanted to share with you so you can see how vibrant and edible plants just outside your doorstep may be (please be sure to consult an edible plant book before consuming anything)!

This is what she says: Salad made out of wild lamb’s quarter, Dandelion greens, sheep sorrel, mint, and from my little porch garden-arugula and parsley. I topped it off with feta cheese, raw pumpkin seeds and a ginger and sesame seed dressing-yum!

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