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January 30, 2013

Nature Box- Five Bags of Goodies for A Month of Healthy Snacking

by jem614

I recently purchased a discount for a month of the “NatureBox” that normally sells for $19.95/month (got it for $5- SCORE!).  I thought it would be great to find out how it worked and see if it was worth the $20 a month.

222Nature Box

This is not your mother’s trail mix ladies and gentlemen.  There are so many varieties to include in your shipment including dried fruits, nuts, seeds, trail mixes, etc.  It’s definitely worth trying for a few months and checking out different varieties.  And…. if you’re like me, you keep snacks at your desk so you don’t go out desperate for chocolate and soda at 3pm, this is a great way to keep you on track.

The only downside I see is eating the whole bag – it would be great if these were packaged according to days.  I get that it’s not practical and not earth-friendly to do so but maybe find a way to seal it shut in five different compartments?  I don’t know, just a suggestion.  I ate the granola squares in two days and though they weren’t that fattening, I should have drug it out a little more.

I think it’s a great concept if you can hold yourself back and eat your portion every day; it will certainly keep you going for a full month of healthy snacking.

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