Steve’s Pizza for Christmas Dinner?

by jem614


Christmas day is a little odd in our house since it’s usually just my husband and myself (and sometimes his sister).  We don’t have a very long drawn-out gift opening like I had as a child.  Instead, we take about 5 minutes and open our gifts and then go out for breakfast and maybe dinner later in the day.  I admit it’s fairly boring; I’m looking forward to the little one being old enough to enjoy Christmas so we can have a little more fun!

This year, we went for dinner at a pizza joint- yes a pizza joint.  Nobody was open yesterday so we ended up at Steve’s Pizza south of Aventura.  Apparently this place is famous and has a lot of buzz around it so we were eager to try.

Walking in you’re bombarded with graffitti all over the walls, chairs, booths which would be fun if it weren’t a little dingy and dirty.   Mind you, they were pretty busy for a Christmas afternoon so we overlooked the napkins on the floor and the dust balls hanging on the lights.  I ordered the veggie stromboli which was HUGE and extremely hot but I was disappointed by how bland it tasted.  The marinara sauce is a little sweet and served on the side.  I guess to make sure it wouldn’t get soggy?  Either way, it wasn’t a good mix- sweet marinara with veggies and cheese.


I realize that it’s not the cleanest of meals but I was so disappointed in it that I kept pulling it apart and this is what I came up with right before I stopped eating it.

My sister-in-law ordered a red stripe beer and cherry cheesecake which came out completely frozen and she had to wait till she got home to eat it because her plastic fork barely cut through it (we were there for almost 30 minutes and it was still frozen when we left).  Who serves frozen cheesecake?

I don’t like giving out bad reviews but because this place gets rave reviews from everyone else, I felt it was ok to be completely honest, I don’t think we’ll be hurting their business any.

Bottom line, if you like some flavor and hate sweet marinara sauce, this isn’t the place for you.  Oh- and if you want a desert you can actually eat at the table, it’s probably better to go to a lesser-known restaurant that has to work harder for their customers….


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