Pho 78 in Pembroke Pines

by jem614

Not far from the Green Papaya in Miami Lakes, we found Pho 78 in Pembroke Pines.  Pho 78 is a “cafeteria-like” restaurant in a small shopping center.  It lacks the charm of Green Papaya but still draws you in with its promise of delicate soups and vietnamese cuisine.

I tried the summer rolls filled with tofu and vegetables.  I wasn’t extremely impressed as the wraps were not exactly what I was expecting though the sauce was good.  My mother had the fried egg rolls  and she did enjoy them.

The Boba tea smoothie here is a little different.  They serve it with whipped cream which makes the smoothie quite decadent.  I would probably have preferred it without the whip cream.

All in all, I found it to be just on the “ok” side.  There aren’t many options for vegetarians but it will do the job if you’re in for a Boba smoothie fix (just ask for no whip).  Meat eaters may find this place fits them better as I’ve heard several of their “meat” dishes are quite good.  Maybe this is just not a place for veggies to roost.

For more information on Pho 78, go to:


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