by jem614

My mom is in town and she is the queen of baking.  Ashley and I were so excited about learning how to bake some bread, so this weekend was our time to do it!  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to do it all together but mom and I baked away on Sunday (and ate away).

My husband made a special request for some coconut bread and this is the first one we attempted.  Apparently this recipe is very similar to the Liberian version he had growing up so he was very happy!  The only difference in his bread is that there is a little less sugar and a little less coconut.  The issue that we had was that we couldn’t find unsweetened coconut at the local grocery store so that added to the sweetness (I am not complaining, it’s soooooo good!).
The bread reminds me of a cross between banana bread and german chocolate cake!  Here is the link to the recipe (warning- it has tons of ingredients):


We also made traditional multi-grain bread that my mom made up out of her head.  I wish I could do that!!  Mine usually ends up looking very funny and flat (and hard).  Her bread is fluffy and when it just comes out of the oven it smells heavenly!  Her trick is to make sure the water is almost hot before putting the yeast in and double -rising the bread.


I found a recipe for copycat Outback bread: and it does taste delicious- adds a bit of chocolate and honey.  However, it wasn’t quite the taste I was looking for.  Outback makes their bread to be very soft and this one wasn’t quite as soft.  Also, though it was very similar, there was an ingredient missing that I can’t quite put my finger on.  Either way, the bread is delicious and with the hint of chocolate and honey (my suggestion would be to put more than is called for) it’s definitely worth making!

Happy Baking!


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