Yellow Green Farmers Market, Hidden in Hollywood

by jem614

I’m sure many people already know about the YGFM but I have never had the chance to actually visit the market until this past weekend.  They are hidden away on a back alley off Taft and 30th Avenue right off of 95.  In a huge warehouse building sit mini-stores that sell everything from handmade jewelry to produce.   I even found one store selling killer plants!

This place is definitely worth a visit on a weekend morning/afternoon.  They open at 8am and close at 4pm every Saturday and Sunday.

Be prepared:

Bring your own bags- not only will you help the environment but it might be the only thing you get to carry your wares home (I did see some YGFM bags but not at every stall). ** Update- YGFM has assured us that there are free bags for everyone at the information booth!  Yay!
Bring cash- yes, most of the stalls take credit cards but if you want to buy something under $10, it’s likely you’ll have to add things you don’t need in order to make the $10 minimum most require.
Bring walking shoes- this place is huge!
Last but not least- Bring your appetite- there are many food stalls here which means you are  bound to find something you like!  From farm fresh to gyros (not vegetarian) and smoothies to coffee, there is something for everyone.

For more information on the YGFM go to:


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