Fruitabu- Someone Stop Me From Eating The Whole Box!

by jem614

I absolutely love fruit roll ups!  I don’t eat them all the time but I love chewing on some dehydrated fruit.  Starving at lunch time, I drug myself to the local store and found these Fruitabu’s on sale so I figured I would try them out.  I ripped open the package in the car and started eating it right there.

I only wish I wasn’t suffering from Gestational Diabetes right now because I would have eaten the entire package this afternoon.  The great part is that there is only 15 grams of carbohydrates so you can eat it with protein and be ok with sugar levels (if you need to worry about that kind of thing).  These rolls are sweet,succulent and grapey.  It was so hard to not have more than one at a time!  Maybe it’s my GD rearing it’s ugly head but these are the best roll ups I think I have ever had.

FruitaBu, I think I’m in love.


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