Pass On Your Healthy Eating

by jem614

My happiest memories of childhood come from mom and grandma’s trips around the country.  Whether it be Yellowstone or Colorado or somewhere else new and exciting, each trip was an adventure.  Some trips were made in the dead of winter, up snowy mountain passes, others in the heat of summer wearing a yellow and white striped shorts and tank to keep cool.

Along with these great memories come memories of food.  We were frugal passengers in our adventures- snacking on “gorp” (according to wikepedia Gorp is -Good old Raisins and Peanuts) which was basically trail mix with tons of M&M’s mixed in.  I never worried if I was getting too much fat or sugar, it was actually quite healthy and I can say that I was a very fit kid till I started making my own food choices.  Another treat that I remember were little sesame candies that you can still find at your local health food stores.  They are delicious, get stuck in your teeth and to this day still remind me of vacation.

The closer I get to birth, the more I am preparing my mind for raising a healthy child.  I wish I was as savvy as my mother who knows her edible plants and actually eats them (and to our chagrin sometimes, made us eat them- cattails are edible but that doesn’t mean they taste good).  Instead, I’ll have to go on what I know and teach him to make healthier choices at the grocery store.  I hope I can be a good example as well- one that not only teaches eating healthy but actually lives to better herself and the planet.

I think Americans have created a sense of entitlement in ourselves, we deserve to eat what we want, we deserve to not get fat for eating hamburgers and fries every day.  We deserve for people to treat us as if we were fit though we are obviously not.  “How dare someone tell me I’m not eating healthy”.  I think the entitlement is wrong.  Instead, we should be telling ourselves, “I’m entitled to be healthy, I’m entitled to make better choices for myself instead of the crap that tv commercial try to shove down my throat”.  We are entitled to have the best body possible and to live healthy lives but without making those choices, we won’t get to where we want to be.

It’s our duty to pass on the healthy entitlement to our children.  I can’t imagine my child dying of lung cancer because he smokes or dying of diabetes because he eats too much sugar.  I would love to find a community of parents who are raising their children to be healthy adults, what a great way to teach your kid healthy habits- having them grow up with peers who are doing the same!


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