Vegan Turkey Sub

by jem614


Sometimes when you go to the store for lunch, you don’t want to eat something that has to be “nuked”.  You want something that tastes fresh and cool and vibrant.  I found this Sub at Nutrition S’mart today and decided to try it to see how it compared to a real Turkey Sub (in my past life, not recently).

Suneen Health Foods is a company based in Pennsylvania that makes vegan products for stores like Nutrition S’mart.  How adorable that they started out as a “pita” bakery!  You might be concerned that something like a Turkey Sandwich is being shipped all the way to Florida (or wherever you reside) but I found it to be quite fresh and tasty.

It doesn’t taste like turkey but it has the same type of consistency- my first bite of the bread was a tiny bit soggy but surprisingly it wasn’t soaked, it had held up very well.  I’m not a big fan of the overstuffed sub (this was a little stuffed) but if you like that sort of thing, this is the sandwich for you.  I couldn’t finish it, it was too much for me and I ended up tossing out the rest of the sub-very filling.

I definitely recommend these for a “chips and sandwich” day or a picnic where others are chowing down on poor defenseless animals (I’m totally kidding).

For more information on Suneen Foods and where you can find their products, go to

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