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May 17, 2012

This Mamma-To-Be Is Drinking Her Chia

by jem614


In search of some quick energy this morning, I ran over to Nutrition Smart to get some lunch and a drink.  I have seen these fun chia infused drinks for a while but they suggested that pregnant women get advice from a doctor before consuming.  What?? For a natural drink?  Apparently it had herbs that weren’t recommended for me so I’ve been avoiding them.

Until today!  I found this wonderful “Mamma Chia” drink that just has a few ingredients and none that are harmful to me or my baby.  It’s so much fun to drink, it’s like eating watery jello (minus the animal bones) with little seeds in it.  It tastes refreshingly delicious and it is nutritious for you.  Drinking this gives you: protein, fiber, calcium and even some iron.

The next time you’re at Whole Foods, Nutrition S’mart or another local health food store, please look for these and try them out.  I am convinced this will now be my go-to treat for a pick-me-up!

For more information on this amazing drink, go to  Drink up!

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