Kale Krunch

by jem614

By Jessica Michael


Kaia Foods was generous enough to send us an “alternative” version of their Kale chips that is made by their sister company, Alive & Radiant (I believe they will be merging their co’s).

First of all, the Kale chips look like actual Kale pieces.  I opened the bag as soon as I got home because I wanted to see how it stacked up to the previous Kaia chips.  I was pleasantly surprised: they had sent us bags of the Quite Cheesy chips that are made with cashew cheese, nutritional yeast, red bell peppers and a few other key ingredients.    The chips had a “nacho” feel because the red bell pepper gave it a Jalapeno taste.

The ultimate test was when my husband, who hates most things vegan, asked to try them and said they were good!  He actually asked me to leave a bag of the chips at home so he could eat them.  I don’t know if I have a veggie convert on my hands but he is now a convert to the Kale chips.

The only thing I think may be a little overwhelming is the heaviness of the chips.  They are not light and crispy (though light and crispy may cause the chips to be crushed in packaging so I can understand why) like home-made might be, they are quite thick and loaded with flavor.

However, with only about 220 calories in 2.2 oz  bag of chips, this could be a great alternative to greasy potato chips!

Check them out at http://shop.kaiafoods.com/ for more information on their company and some other options.


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