Kaia Foods Kale Chips and Fruit Leather at Whole Foods

by jem614


By Jessica Michael

I have been wanting to try store-bought kale chips for ages and finally found some last night at Whole Foods.  I also picked up this cute little fruit leather made by the same company, “Kaia Foods”.  They were bargain-priced at only about $5 1/2 (most of the ones I have seen go up into the $8-9 range).

Here is my take: They have a great concept, the fruit leather was good, a little dry but cinamony and still tasty.  The Kale Chips, on the other hand, were not my favorite.

We do everything we can to provide positive reviews while still being honest on our site and I have to just say that these went straight into the garbage can.  I barely finished one chip and all my co-workers threw out their bites as well.  There may be those raw vegans who would absolutely love them but for those of us that waver on the hotter side of food, I’m afraid many may be disappointed.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried homemade Kale chips before and they weren’t bad.  Maybe it’s something about the way they blend the other ingredients in that changes everything.

I will still try Kaia’s products because I’m sure that some of them are really good, I think I just picked the ones that are not “fitting” for my palate.


3 Comments to “Kaia Foods Kale Chips and Fruit Leather at Whole Foods”

  1. I love homemade kale chips – I wish a company would come out with something that is equilvalent for us lazys who don’t want to make them ourselves.


  2. Thanks for posting about out kaia foods kale chips! We merged with a company called Alive & Radiant Foods last August. We now make both styles of kale chips (round wafers and whole leaf) and we would love to send you some Alive & Radiant samples for you to try. Thank you for your honesty, please email me with your address and I will get those samples to you. I am sure you will love them!


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