Dreaming Cow Cream Top Yogurt, Non-Homogenized

by ashley

by Ashley Morgan

In case you didn’t already know, I absolutely adore cows. Whether it be live cows on the side of the road, cow-themed items or cutesy cow cartoon characters, I love them all. So, naturally, when I saw the label for Dreaming Cow’s cream top yogurt, I was instantly intrigued. After reading the label a bit more, I realized it is actually a wholesome product along with the cute design. Before today I hadn’t been privy to the growing debate of homogenized versus non-homogenized yogurts, however apparently it is a large issue for many yogurt aficionados.

Homogenization prevents the fats, or cream, in milk from separating from the liquid. This became popular in the 1950s, when dairy farms were trying to prevent milk spoilage. Homogenization allows for soured milk to be more easily identified, as it will separate when bad. Milk straight from a cow will separate immediately, therefore relying solely on smell to determine if it has soured. Ever since the 1950s, milk has become widely homogenized, as has yogurt. It is close to impossible to find non-homogenized yogurts in a traditional grocery store today.

This is what makes Dreaming Cow unique, along with the fact that their cows are raised completely on grass and are not fed any hormones. When you slide the top off of Dreaming Cow yogurt, you will notice a slightly chunky substance at the top. If you like, you can skim this off to eat by itself or, how I enjoy it, you can mix it with a spoon before consuming. Cream lovers will attest to eating the cream on the top first, on its own, before consuming the rest of the yogurt.

Any way you choose to eat it, Dreaming Cow has made a superior product from their small farm in Georgia. The yogurt is slightly thinner than yogurt I am used to, however this is due to the lack of preservatives and unknown chemical substances. I tried the Strawberry Pomegranate flavor, which is subtle and smooth. I also love the story behind their farm. Kyle and Janelle Wehner, the husband and wife artisans behind the company, craft these lovely yogurts after Janelle’s home of New Zealand. Since 2009, they have had what they proclaim to be the happiest cows in the world producing the high-quality milk that goes into each cup of yogurt. Keep up the amazing work, Dreaming Cow!



4 Responses to “Dreaming Cow Cream Top Yogurt, Non-Homogenized”

  1. The thinner consistency of the Dreaming Cow yogurt is solely attributable to lack of preservatives and unknown chemical substances. It’s because it is non-homogenized. I make yogurt at home with no additives at all and yogurt from non-homogenized milk is always runnier (and it separates).


  2. I absolutely love this yogurt. I am hooked. The thin consistency is so inviting and the freshness is so forward in the taste.



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