Smith & Wollensky for Beachside Lunch

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

I haven’t been back to S&W since my second wedding anniversary when my husband and I spent a whopping $150 on dinner (we were broke at the time, both of us in school and that was a big deal for us).  We enjoyed it enough to treasure the experience but not enough to go back and spend the money again.

However, we discovered that their lunch menu isn’t all that bad.  If you’re careful, for about $30 each, you can eat a very nice meal and split a desert because they are huge!

They don’t have many veggie options but they have an amazing flat bread that tastes like a very light pizza.


The crusty truffle Macaroni & Cheese was absolutely divine (in fact, I had to pack the rest and take it home so I could share the experience with my husband.

I am so stuffed I am falling asleep at my desk and feeling slightly sick at the same time.  If you’re a food lover like me though, it’s all worth a little discomfort once in a while.

We topped it all off with a little creme brulee trio though I was eyeing this amazingly huge piece of Carrot Cake instead.  Don’t let the camera angle fool you, that is a full size plate and the cake enough to feed an army:


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