Arctic Zero Ice Cream with only 150 Calories a PINT (you heard that right)!

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

Can you imagine eating an entire pint of ice cream and having zero guilt?  The dream has finally come true, Arctic Zone has created this 37 calorie per serving phenom in several different flavors: Vanilla Maple, Cookies and Cream and many more.

We’re not really sure how this little pint only packs 150 calories but we think it’s because they use whey protein instead of milk and cream.  The ice cream itself is tasty but not quite “ice-cream” like.  Instead, it’s a bit like eating a sorbet made with chocolate instead of fruits.  It isn’t creamy unless it’s almost melted but it does the trick regardless.

Seriously, how can you complain about a sweet treat this filling for so little calories?

Our only advice to those out there is to be careful with the Whey Protein as some may be allergic and of course, you vegans will want to stay away and maybe stick to the Sorbet.



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