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February 28, 2012

Gardein on the go? Yes! Lean Cuisine has it.

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

Although I don’t encourage everyone to go out and stock up on a month’s worth of Lean Cuisine (frozen dinners are great if they are a once a week habit or if you’re strapped for cash one week and need to eat), I would say go out and try the new Gardein VeggieCuisine from Lean Cuisine.

I have been waiting for these little meals for months now- since the news came out that Gardein was pairing it’s “meatless” meat with LeanCuisine.  I’m a go-go-go person and sometimes need something that I can pick up and throw in the microwave.


I would encourage you to be careful if you have to watch your salt intake as LeanCuisine can tend to be very high in sodium and preservatives are not the greatest thing for you either.  But I love the fact that I can now go find something with more substance in the freezer isle.  These will never take over my love for Amy’s but they are a good alternative when needed.

Be aware that these are NOT vegan and I know alot of people are unhappy about that but give them some time.  This is an incredible step in the right direction!

The Roasted Redpepper Fettuccini was really tasty and there was a good bit of chikin in there to make it more filling.  Alot of garlic but that seems to be LC’s signature taste.

Let us know what you think!

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