Vegan Bodybuilding Challenge- Last Week!

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

Wow, after reading on the Vegan Bodybuilding website that today is the last day of the Vegan Bodybuilding challenge, I couldn’t believe it!  We’ve done a full 30 days of trying to be vegan.  Ok, we have to be honest that we haven’t been entirely vegan throughout the last 30 days but we have made an astounding improvement to our eating.

Here is what I have learned this month:

1. I can eat more when I exercise (bonus!)

2. Oatmeal for breakfast really does fill you up for a few hours

3. Drinking water literally takes your cravings away

4. Eating 5 small meals a day helps you not to be ravenous- I am no longer binging at home on a regular basis.  I feel satisfied

5. Eating vegan seems much healthier than just vegetarian.  It depends on the person though- it helps me to cut out cheese, most of the breads and focuses me on eating greener

6. Whole grains are so easy to make and add so much to your diet!

7. I’ve become a total policeman when it comes to what others eat (this is probably not a good side-effect because it isn’t very helpful)

8. is probably one of the best sites available for getting help, getting encouragement and tracking your progress.  You look forward to seeing other’s comments and that keeps you motivated

9. My husband is a total drill sergeant in the gym but without him, I’d be working out at 50%.  I may be angry when he trains me but he doesn’t take my crap

10.  Saturating yourself with information and people who have the same goals, help you reach your goal

11.  Bonus- in order to keep up with my training goal, I attended the most amazing boxing class and will be starting to train weekly in February!  I already have my pink gloves and I’m ready to hit the bag

By no means are we done with this challenge, I just wanted to mark the fact that we’ve already come so far.  We encourage all our readers to keep reaching out for your resolutions.  If you have slacked off, it’s ok!  Pick it back up and keep going- research how to get to your goal, find someone to help you accomplish it, follow experts on Facebook and Twitter so you can get updates.  Do everything you can to meet your goals because we only have this one life, “grab 2012 by the horns and show it who’s boss!”

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